Nice work out, but no clothes pins

I have had two really good work outs today. The soccer was so much fun. It was incredibly foggy, so you could basically not see anything. Plus we weren’t so many either, but we still wanted to play two games with few players in each team instead of one game with many in each. So in our game we were four against four = run a lot. I ran and I ran and I ran the whole game, and had many duels with Hungarian Atilla and Swedish Sandra. I scored a lot. Was so exhausted after the game.


One guy brought a lot of cupcakes that we got after practice. It was very nice.


I’ve been to the gym after the soccer as usual, with Jocke and Andy. I had a great work out with a lot of sit-ups, leg press, weight lifts and other.


I’m proud of myself today =)


Earlier today I’ve been on the lookout for some clothes pins for a photo assignment. But we have none. The neighbor wasn’t home so I couldn’t ask him. Noone in the whole neighborhood seemed to have any. Didn’t want to buy at Ralphs, cause it seems unnecessary to buy a whole bag when I only need one. Started to text around to friends and Maria will bring one tomorrow. I have also bought a couple of rubber gloves for the same assignment.


Almost impossible to find

Kick-ass party and kick-ass movie

Except a sore throat it has been a good week so far. Got a lot of school work done, but fortunately it’s not that much to do nowadays.


Yesterday, Thursday, Lauren had her birthday. At first I thought we were going to do to a restaurant but we were at Cecily and Riley’s apartment. Lauren and Riley’s moms were there and they made a fantastic dinner with a linguini entrée and then steaks and Caesar salad. Cupcakes from Crashcakes for dessert. Plus a lot of drinks they made for us, and champagne, wine and a lot of other things. Very nice.


I had two presents for Lauren. First a birthday card I had made for her. In the graphic design class we had an assignment where we were to make a card and then I decided to make one for Lauren. I think it turned out very good.

Then other, real, gift was something she wanted from me. I will bring her to the schools photo studio next week and take model pictures of her there. Plus outside in the sunset. Think we will do that next week. I also made a certificate about this for here that she got yesterday.


We also played a lot with Photoboth, as you might have seen on Facebook.


Kinda normal picture of me, Cecily, Lauren and Vaios

Not so normal picture of Cecily, Vaios and me

The already (in)famous picture of me


Tonight I’ve been to the movies. Me, Jocke and Andy, plus a lot of other friends that were there, went to see the movie Kick-Ass. And it was a real kick-ass movie. It was so good!



It’s about a comic book geek who wonders why no one ever dress up as superheroes for real and go fight crimes in the street. Someone should do it. And that someone should be him. At first it’s not going to well. But after a heroic deed his actions are caught on tape and posted on YouTube and gains a lot of popularity. Then a lot of others starts to dress up as superheroes too and take the law in their own hands. And some of them have other goals on their agenda.


The movie was very good looking and had cool characters. The little girl was so badass, Nicolas Cage (who I usually don’t care that much for) was cool and the main girl was really hot (Lyndsy Fonseca, not the little girl). The music was wonderful. For the action scenes they used music from other movies, like 28 Days Later and the Clint Eastwood film For a Few Dollars.


It was a great mixture of comedy and action. It was more gory than I had imagined, but it worked out quite well.


I’m so pleased with this movie. Best movie I’ve seen this year (Avatar doesn’t count, since I saw that last year too).


Kick-Ass and Hit Girl ready for action

Stupid fucking volcano!

Stupid cloud


We have the past day knew that it might happen, but now we know for sure: My parents cannot come here. Because of the ash clouds from Eyjafjallajökullno planes can take off from either Copenhagen or London, and my parents were suppose to go via both of them.


Now they will try to reschedule their tickets. It might be so that they rebook them for mid or late May, and then they can be here for my graduation. Always something. But that depends on if they can reschedule and if the ash from the effing son-of-a-bitch-volcano stops.


Tomorrow I will go to the hotel and cancel it, plus the bus from LAX.


I hope it will be solved somehow, but they won’t be able to come here now at least



Earth day and weird soccer referees

The soccer yesterday, Saturday, was very much fun. We played two games, won one and lost one. So we will play again on Saturday.


In the first game we had the worst referee ever. It all began with an offside goal. Our opponents scored a goal that was offside. The lineman was texting at that time, but waved the flag to call offside after our yells. But the main referee called goal. After a lot of discussions between the referees and our team captain he called off the goal. For a while. After half time he said that it counted as a goal. We argued some more and he removed it. After full time it was 1-1 and the referee gongratulated the other team for winning with 2-1 cause the goal was a goal. We protested even more and the referee decided to call it off and that there was to be a penalty shot to decide on who won. We won the penalty shot.


This game was against Englishmen that taunted us Swedes for not being in the world cup. So much better that we won then. The second game was against Brazilians and we should probably be happy that we only lost by 1-0.


Team ring before the game


In the evening we were just at home doing a barbeque and had a little party. Some people came from Elise and Buena Vista.


Today we went to In-N-Out Burger. Very nice and cheap. To bad that all the nice food places is so far away.


After that I went to Ralphs to go grocery shopping and then Lauren called me and asked if I wanted to go with her to a Earth Day fair. I came along and we walked around there ans looked at all the tents and stuff and food places, animals and music stages. We found six dollar on the ground and for that we bought funnel cake. Kinda waffle thing that’s deep fried. Also with strawberries and whipped cream. Nom nom nom.


Not my picture, but this is how it looks.


It was a very  cool fair to celebrate earth, and it was full with old hippies everywhere. Cool.


Then we went to a park nearby where they have a pond that’s full with turtles. We sat and looked at fishes, turtles, ducks and geese andand sat and talked and had a great time. Also planned a little for her birthday next week.


Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera to the fair, which would have been cool.

Soccer tournament!

Tomorrow Saturday we will participate in the international soccer tournament at City College. It will be awesome! We had practice today, and it was both very much fun and very tough. We have a team with both Swedes and Americans. Our first game we will play against some Mexicans from La Mesa. Hopefully this wont be our last game. Everybody in Santa Barbara has to come watch and cheer for us! Our first game starts at noon.


We got very clear instructions that tonight we are not allowed to drink, stay up late, have sex or do anything else that’s fun. No college life, that is. So we had a bbq tonight. We will do the same tomorrow. After the soccer we will have a bbq at our place and then we will drink beer! Then I’m going out to the bars in the night.


Congratulations grandma! She turns 80 Saturday the 17th. I will call and congratulate her tomorrow morning.


Many good ice hockey games tonight. But I’m still pissed that Rangers is not in the playoff.


Stupid Iceland, can you do anything right? Weird language, you don’t know how to handle your economy, and now this ash cloud shit.

Now when my parents are to come visit a volcano explodes and puts all of Europe under a cover of ash and all flights are canceled. If you haven’t fixed this before Tuesday I will be so mad.


Will be back in the weekend to tell you how the soccer turned out. C ya!