Paparazzi Johan updates about the ship

300 million dollars


Yesterday evening we were down in the harbor to see if we could get a closer look at the ship that had anchored right outside from here. All the piers were overfilled with people who wanted a closer look.

After taken some photos of the ship me, Ola and Nima headed back home. Then came a small motorboat, that had come from the big ship, and ported in the harbor. It just ports quickly, and a woman and a man leaves it, and the boat goes away. The two people are dressed in workout clothes, and take off for a jog. I take a few pictures.


On our way home we meet some people and everybody is talking about the ship. One person says it is the yacht “A” that is owned by a Russian billionaire.

At home we start to google this and we found out that it is indeed the yacht “A” that is owned by the Russian multi billionaire Andrei Melnichenko. The ship is worth 300 million dollar.

Continuing googleling I also find out that he is married to a Serbian photo model, named Aleksandra. And after some more research I discover that it was actually her that went out on a jog along with her bodyguard.


So, apparently I have photos of a model trying to blend in on her jog in Santa Barbara. What do you do then? Well, I sink to the bottom of the worst and contact to tabloids and ask them if they wanna buy my images. Thought I might try that, and see if it’s worth anything. If I get my pictures sold to either the National Enquirer or Star Magazine, I will earn money but also become a effing sleezball paparazzi. But, I thought it could be fun to try it.


Aleksandra Melnichneko. I have better pictures than this, but those I won’t publish here if I am to sell any of them.

Brazilian wedding, big boats, party – and Jersey Shore

A nice week in school has been followed by a great weekend, which is not over yet. It’s a whole Sunday with nice weather left.


My housemates are amazing. I really like them. Two of them, Christoffer and Lídia are gonna get married in December. And they will do that in her hometown of Fortaleza in Brazil. I am invited and I’m gonna go! I will talk to my English professor cause I have a final presentation then, but if I can change that I will join Ola and go with him down there and experience South America for the first time (Mexico is Central America). It will be so nice!


There is a big ass boat in the waters here. We don’t know who it belongs to, but it has to be some kind of big shot that has decided to anchor up here outside Santa Barbara. The boat has a garage in the stern, and a strange bow. But huge and very cool.


Big ass boat

Compare the size with the regular-sized motroboat that is driving by, and the sail boat to the right.


It has been a couple of very fun and hard party nights at La Brezza and downtown now too. Nice to get that started as well.


And last I have to admit something horrible. I’m addicted to Jersey Shore. It is… I don’t know how to put it, but it’s interesting. Really stupid, and sometime you fear for the future of humanity. But I can’t help it, I want to watch. I have been watching the whole first season up straight, and now also all the episodes that has been this season. It airs Thursdays on MTV.

For you who doesn’t know what it is, it’s a “reality” show about eight overtanned, up pumped, gel addicted, sex addicted young Italian-Americans (guidos) from the NY area that goes to the beaches in New Jersey to party, have sex, dance and behave in questionable manners. Kinda like in my Swedish town Halmstad and the beach Tylösand, where people from Stockholm comes each summer and behave in similar manners. Think they are gonna make a Swedish version of Jersey Shore in Tylösand.

No one gets voted out, you just follows the persons, what they do and with who, how they are to each other. Very entertaining I think. And I dare to admit it. And I’m not ashamed.


We're going to Jersey Shore, bi-atch!

First week’s over - bring on the weekend

It has been a pretty good first week in school. Think I’m gonna like this semester.

In the class Masscomunication and Society we are gonna talk a lot about media and thus things, and it seems to be very interesting and nice. One  cool thing is that the first thing we had to do was to post a presentation about ourselves on the class online portal, and then comment on each other’s posts. It has been very nice, and I feel that we already are getting to know each other in the class even before we have met that much in person.


I haven’t been allowed to play soccer yet! The football team has some kind of pre season camp and they are occupying the whole La Playa Stadium. Yesterday we had to go to a class room to watch half of the game Manchester United – Fulham. Hopefully we will be playing on Monday.


It’s a lot of Swedes in the school newspaper this year.

The weather the first days has been perfect, almost to hot some days. But today it’s foggy and a little bit colder, but it’s still okay. You can hear the fog horns out on the ocean. But maybe I’ll go down to the beach anyway.


Now my first week in school is over and I am ready for my first going out- weekend of this semester.

Wonderful first day

Now I’m finally back in Santa Barbara!

The trip her went kinda well, but I’m never gonna fly with Air Berlin again. No own entertainment systems, just a couple of big tv:s which everyone had to look at. Lame.

But now I’m finally here. My new house mate Christoffer came and picked me up at the bus. The new place I’m living at is really cool, a big nice room. The apartment is right by the school, really right by. And we also got ocean view.

Today was my first day here, and I started by walking around at the beach, the pier and State Street. I felt so good, and I really thought “I’m at home”.


Then I met Lauren, and it was so nice to meet her again. We had lunch and we had so much to talk about.

Then we went to Elyse’s place. Along with her and her roommate’s dog we wnet to a dog beach. We sunned and bathed and played with big black Apollo. He likes small dogs. As soon as he saw a little dog he ran after it to play.


Tonight me and Lauren had dinner (finally Arigato Sushi!) with Cecily and Vaios. Oh, it’s so nice to meet my friends again. Oh, I feel so good about life right now.


Tomorrow school starts. It will actually be a lot of fun. Have two classes tomorrow, one at 11 and one in the evening. Will get back to you on how they seem.


So to sum it up, everything is just great.

I would like to finish by sending a greeting to my parents. Thanks mom and dad for everything this summer.  I really appreciate it. Love you!

I'm going back to America now

I’m so sorry that I haven’t written on the blog for such a long time. It will be better once I come back to America.


I’m leaving tonight. My last shift at Hallandsposten is 1.50pm – 12.30 am. By four in the morning my bus leaves from Halmstad to Kastrup, so it’s basically just going home, pick my bags up and then I leave for the city.


My flight departs at Saturday morning 8.40 am from Copenhagen to Düsseldorf, of all the places. Then from there to Los Angeles. I hope I don’t have to do a stopover somewhere in America and go through all the security stops. Hopefully I don’t have to do that until LA.


Then I take a bus from LAX to Santa Barbara and my new lovely year can begin.


The summer has been great, but I worked almost too much. It has been nice to meet my friends, and sad that some I haven’t met or spent way to little time with.


It will be a great fall. Hope to see you soon again. Take care!