Funeral and wedding


It has been a church weekend.

It started with grandmas funeral Friday. I found out that I’ve never been in Kosta Church before, even though I’ve been in the cemetery many times before. It was a nice funeral, not so long and with a good priest. It was also nice to meet my cousins on that side, which happens way too little.


Then on Saturday it was time for the biggest happening in Sweden this year. The wedding between Crown Princess Victoria and her Daniel. The wedding that media has written tons about in the last months.


Just so you know, I’m a royalist and I love stuff like this!


We were sitting at home and watched all day. It was so much fun I thought. Fist to see all the royal people from all over the world coming to the church and walking on the red carpet (which was blue this time). Then the ceremony. Victoria had such a beautiful dress, too. It was nice to see this and also after, the cortège through Stockholm. It was great that it was such a lovely weather.

The dinner in the evening was the highlight of the day. First great speeches by the King and Daniels dad. But then came Daniel. His speech was just so amazing and wonderful. Very beautiful, and after that there can’t be anyone that has any doubt about him as a Prince.


Daniel's speech


At work there has been a lot of things to do about the wedding. A lot of pages, both domestic and local. But now the reporting about this is over for this time. Now, the couple are to go out on their honeymoon. Then, the next media coverage will be when their kid will come. My guess is for it to be born in early April 2011. And my guess is that it will be a boy named Oscar. But I hope that it will be called Johan.


The official wedding photo (no, I haven't stolen these from a photo agency...)


Alla the royal and emperial highnesses, plus the family members


The kiss on the church stairs