Soccer world cup, jobs and politics

Soccer World Cup is on and that is nice. Even though there hasn’t been that good games yet it’s still nice to watch, and I love that it’s three games per day.


I’m not bothered by the Vuvulezas, the horns that you can hear all the time.  It’s fun to see how much people are mad at them. Chill! Here is an image. I like it a lot =)



I have started my job now. Page editor at Hallandsposten. It is nice to have as a summer job. Will mostly be working evenings (1.50 PM – 12.30 AM). Will be cool.


I’m now watching the debate of the party leaders in the Swedish parliament. Mostly the politicians are painfully humor free. I like how Björklund, Hägglund and Ohly shines up some times. But Sahlin and Olofsson are sooo boring. Politically The Alliance kicks ass with the Redgreens. Here is my judgement over the politicians.

  • Fredrik Reinfeldt (m). Can be way to serious. Relax! You rock! Always present good ideas.
  • Maud Olofsson (c). Why. So. Serious? Usually boring.
  • Göran Hägglund (kd). Can joke around a lot some times. Fun man, but many times with suspicious politics.
  • Jan Björklund (fp). Mixes humor with politics that are so tough that you sometime don’t know how to react. Did he really say that?
  • Mona Sahlin (s). Most boring person in Swedish politics. Ever. She is also evil. self-righteous and difficult Why did they choose her? There are so many better social democrats. But thanks J
  • Maria Wetterstrand (mp). Very talented and good politician, but is to much on-going. Gets mad when she doesn’t gets what she wants.
  • Peter Eriksson (mp). Why isn’t the norlandic gnome there more often? He is cool, but weird when it comes to politics. Way worse than Wetterstrand.
  • Lars Ohly (v). I hate his politics, but he is still one of my favorite politicians. You just laugh at him. Both his jokes and his politics.