Wonderful Thanksgiving weekend


It has been a long and very pleasant weekend with real American Thanksgiving celebration. A lot of it has been about food.

Later Wednesday evening me, Cecily and Vaios left north, to Paso Robles about 2 hours north. The first Thanksgiving food was there already when we showed up, pumpkin pie and apple pie with cool whip. Yum!


Early Thursday morning we woke up and watched the traditional Thanksgiving parade from New York with all the floats, performances, balloons and other cool stuff. Meanwhile we drank a lot of hot chocolate and ate American breakfast; egg, bacon, ham, sausage and some kind of deep fried bread balls that the Trowbridge family use to make.

A big day of the day was spent by making food, and everybody helped. I have stuck my hand up a turkey ass for the first time. That was interesting.

During the day we let Cecily’s mom finish up all the food and the rest of us went around in Paso and Templeton and Cecily showed us a lot of different places, different stores, restaurants, parks, buildings that got destroyed by the big earthquake 2003, her old high school and a lot of other stuff. That was fun.



One street in Templeton only has buildings in Western style


Vineyard outside Paso


The dinner of the evening was a big tasty feast with so much good food. As starter we had shrimp cocktail and sherbet, then the big dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberries, vegetables, sourkraut (a family speciality that no one liked), bread and a lot of other things. Then more pie and candy.



Vaios, Virginia, Cecily and me


The turkey




Shrimp coctail


Me and Cecily


Me and aios shows how you behave on a fancy dinner party :P


We have spent the evenings watching different Christmas movies. A lot of fun, and Friday we went to the theater to see the new Disney movie Tangled, about princess Rapunzel. During the days we have been around in a lot of different towns, cities and beaches in the surrounding area; San Luis Obisbo, Pismo Beach, Atascadero, Morrow Bay and Cayucos. A lot of mountains, nice beaches and cool natur. Saturday evening we partied with Cecily’s longtime friend Shanna, who I have met before.


Pismo Beach




The weather wasn’t all that great. It has been freezing during the nights. It has also been raining a lot, but mostly clear skies in the days.

But despite that it has been an unforgivable weekend. I have experienced a real American holiday, and ate so much food and hung out with the Trowbridge family. I am so grateful about everything right now. I really love life.

Loads of fun things! READ!!!

Ok, a brief summary:
  • I will be editor next semester!
  • I will probably get an internship for spring!
  • I'll go and celebrate Thanksgiving now!

Now this afternoon our journalism teachers sent out proposals on who should be the new editors of the school newspaper next year. I am one of them! Due to the fact that many want to have the psots, a few items scattered and few have been added. My item is brand new. It is Managing / Online editor. It will mean that I will have responsibility for everything that is on the onlinenewspaper , I will keep track of all the newspaper staff and see that they do their job, and I will also join in and help the news editor of his work with hard and hot news.
Feels great that I got this confidence. I'm very proud, and excited about spring.

Today I was also on the interview for an internship in the spring. It was with an organization called SCORE, which is a kind of consulting firm for small businesses. They are former CEOs and corporate executives who now has retired, so completely free, they offer small business advice and help with everything. They contacted our journalism teacher and said they needed a journalist intern who can write in their newsletter, make reports about their activities and those they have helped, write profiles and more. I contacted them and today I had an interview with one of the leaders, and it went great. We had a good long chat and I got the newspaper articles I've written this fall. He was very impressed with everything and seemed to like me. He will now take this up with the board, but on him did not appear that there would be no problem for me to start with them in January. Oh, what fun it will be with work experience in the USA!

Tomorrow, Thursday, it's Thanksgiving. It is obvious today. Almost no people in class or at school, but it is completely clogged highway and it goes at 0 mph. Therefore we will wait to leave.
Me, Cecily and Vaios are going home to Cecily's mother in Paso Robles, about 2 hours north. As this is my first Thanksgiving, she promised me that we will do all the traditional things and eat everything you should. I'm so happy! It will be really fun. Nice to see where Cecily lived before with (she did not grow up there, but in New York and Alaska). So we will be gone all weekend.

I will be able to enjoy the whole weekend. I'm done with all my stuff I had on the list in the last post. Completely without thinking about anything school work, I can just enjoy the leave.

Finally, I can now show that we also have the Christmas spirit here in Santa Barbara, although we do not have the snowstorms that seem to be in Scandinavia. So here's a Christmassy picture before I head off and celebrate another holiday. Have a good one everybody will speak with you next week!

Ginger snaps, glögg and Chrismtas soda. I love World Market Store on State Street

Many things done, Harry Potter – but still no Swedish movie

The car is working again! New battery = I’m the King of the Road again! Extra fun that me nad Ola managed to change it all by ourselves too.

The big school thing is now done. I have finished the English research paper about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. It has went kinda good I think. Will hand it in tomorrow morning. Feels really good to have it over with.

But there is still a lot to do these three days. The following I have to do during three days, of which the first one, Monday, now is over:

  • English paper
  • Finnish reading Into the Wild
  • Fix my car
  • Book quiz on Into the Wild
  • Three photo assignments
  • Presentation of an article for The Channels
  • Attend the Academic Senate meeting
  • Write article about the Academic Senate meeting
  • Group meeting for the Comm class
  • Finish my tasks for the Comm group project
  • Prepare the practical stuff for our awesome presentation of the Comm group project
  • Interview about internship for the spring
  • Pack for the weekend
  • Maybe soccer class
  • Do the online discussion for the comm class


Three things done, many more to go


Saturday I saw the new Harry Potter movie. It is the seventh and last book that is now turned in to two movies. The first had premier this weekend, and the next one comes out in May, I think. The movie was really great, and followed the book very closely. It’s very nice that it will be two movies; that way they can go more into the deep the book holds. If you haven’t seen the other movies you won’t get anything out of them, and you almost need to have read the books to follow everything that’s happening. It really feels like they did this movie for the fans that read the books, and that feels so good.


Tonight me, Cecily and Lauren made a new attempt to go see The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest. It was shown in a theater outside the city, and since my car now is working I drove. But we couldn’t find the theater. We drove all over the place and looked, didn’t understand the instructions on the GPS and ended up where we started. We skipped the movie since we were late anyway, and instead went downtown to have some ice cream and go to different stores.


One of three full packed days over, and then it’s gonna be sooo nice to have a long weekend without any school work to think about whatsoever. Think I will blog before that. See ya!

Animal party and studying – but no movie

Now I have so much studying to do. All of today, Saturday, and all of tomorrow I will sit down and work with the two big assignments that are due next week. First it’s the group project in Mass communication, where we compare acts of violence and alcohol in the reality shows Jersey sHore and The Real World: New Orleans. Then it’s the big English research paper we have been working on the entire fall. I’m writing about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the law that forbids openly homosexuals in the military. I’m writing about why that law should be repealed, and I have quite a lot of work ahead of me.


Yesterday me and Cecily had planned to go see The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, the last movie in the Millennium series, that started with the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. First we ate dinner and shopped, but when we got to the theater they didn’t show it anymore. Just Harry Potter in all rooms. We are gonna see that one later, so we didn’t want to go see it yesterday. The only movie theater that showed the movie we wanted to see was outside the city, so we couldn’t make it to that one. Instead we just walked around downtown and then went to Starbucks where I turned into a zebra.


After the movie I had planned to go to a party held by some of the Swedish girls from the school newspaper had. The theme was animals. I wore a black-white striped shirt and I bought black and white makeup. Cecily painted stripes in my face, and voila! I was a zebra. You can imagine how much the people at Starbucks stared. As well as the people in the streets. And at Ralphs where I went to buy my drinks.

But it was fun, and it was a really nice party. A lot of fun things happened. Many had creative ideas when it came to the costumes. Hopefully there will be photos on Facebook. Or maybe I should be worried about that. Whatever, we’ll see what will be posted.


Now I have so stop procrastinating and start my school work. See ya!


Starbucks zebra

Feel really bad for my friends

I feel so bad for a lot of my friends right now. A lot of shit had happend the last week, both in Getinge and now with my best friend Cecily. Today she found out that her knee injury is worse that they thought and she has to go through surgery. It will be a really long rehabilitation period for at least one year. She has to give up on cheerleading, which she loves so much.

Some other shit is also going on that makes me feel so sorry for my friends. For me everything is going perfect, but right now that’s no comfort at all. It almost feels bad that it’s going so well for me but not for the people I care about.

Sorry, just felt like writing down my thoughts.

Brazil tickets, Into the Wild – and a movie about a wrist watch

I have now bought my tickets for the wedding between Chris and Lidia in Brazil. December 7 I leave from LAX, have stopovers in Miami and Rio before landing in Fortaleza Dec. 8. I will be there till Dec. 15 when I go back to the US just to immediately go to Sweden for the winter break.


In the English class we are now (simultaneously as our research paper) we are reading Into The Wild. I read it during the summer and I’m now rereading it. It is about a guy who left society and his family and went out hiking, first in Western US and than tried to survive in the wilderness of Alaska. He didn’t. Already on the cover it says that he died, and the book is about trying to find out why he did what he did, and also to see exactly why he died.

Tonight (Tuesday) I also saw the movie adaption from 2007. There were some differences from the book but a really great movie. A tips, but the book gave much more deep and background and had a whole other angle.


I have also made a movie! I made it in Photoshop as one of our assignments this week. I used one still photo that I altered and made a animation of a wrist watch that’s ticking. For being my first animation ever I think it’s okay.

There is something wrong in the beginning of the YouTube clip, but ignore the first second of the film

And last but not least - here is my latest article for The Channels!

Many good and bad things now

Long weekend, lots to do, but little was done. That’s a nice summarization.

Bad news from Sweden put a cloud over this weekend. I’m holding all my thumbs that everything’s gonna turn out well.

A also had my first problem with my car. The battery is dead, probably cause I forgot the lights on. So it’s just to jump start it I thought, but my car begged to differ. Something’s wrong with the hood, I won’t open. Therefore I can’t reach the engine. I have to leave it to the mechanics tomorrow, but it just needs to charge the battery, and after that Bruce will be all fine again.


I have so much school work now. Didn’t study quite as much as I had planned to do, but I wrote a really good article.

Saturday I was on a boat! Nima’s girlfriend who was here visiting (she left today) wanted to see sea lions, so we went out on a boat and watched sea lions, pelicans and boats.


Sea lions!


It has also been a lot of parties with both old and new acquaintances.


In Swedish politics, the leader of the Social Democrats, Mona Sahlin, resigned today. That’s good, I’m really no fan of her. Now there will be a rough ride for the party when they will try to find someone new.


The New York Rangers won today with 8-2 to Edmonton. There was a big fight involving most of the both teams. Marian Gaborik was back after his long injury, and he scored a hat trick immediately. The Rangers also played in their new jerseys, which has been created to honor the teams 85-year anniversary. It is replicas of the ones they played with back in the days, and I like them. I don’t like when teams change their jerseys, but since this is a step in honoring the anniversary, it’s okay.


Henrik Lundqvist in the new/old jersey


Tonight I’ve seen The Girl Who Played With Fire, the second movie in the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson. I rented it on DVD and watch it with Cecily at her plays. First time in a couple of years I rented a movie. But it only costs 1 dollar. Something to think about for the expensive rental places in Sweden.

The movie was really great. At least as good and exciting as the first one. On Tuesday, me and Cecily are gonna go see the third and last movie in the theatre. She also likes the movies.

She has btw injured her leg. The poor thing landed pretty badly during cheer practice Tuesday and she might have to go through a knee surgery.


Now it’s the night between Sunday and Monday and I’m about to sleep. Now comes another tough week school wise, but then it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m so looking forward to it. It’s gonna be so much fun, and I will celebrate it with Cecily and her mom.


Now I’m gonna sleep. Good night!

Shortest week - but most things to do

Damn, I've had so much to do today, Tuesday.

It is a short week now, only three days in school. This is because of Veterans' Day Thursday = long weekend. But it doesn't mean that I have nothing to do, on the contrary. The following I have done today:
  • Photoclass at 8 a.m. In the photoclass that I have online, they said we could come in today to the face-to-face class to learn some things tht could be useful. 8am is so early, and I've been so tired all day.
  • Went out to take photos for another assigment
  • English class
  • Chnnels class (where many got bad critique for the last issue, but I got praise for my story!)
  • Interview for an article
  • A big photo assigment involving printing and walking around looking for the teacher's mailbox
  • A photo assigment I did in Photoshop
  • Communication homework

That homework I'm doing right now. It is for the group work, where we'll compare verbal and physical fights in the reality shows Jersey Shore and The Real World. I'm watching four episodes tonight and counting everytime a fight occurs. We also count if they are drunk or not. So far Sammi and Ronnie are "winning". They are fighting both when while drunk and sober.


Ronnie to Sammi: "I promise, I didn't make out with any girls at the club last night"...


To cope with all things today I've also been out runnig and had coffee with Lauren in the afternoon.


Tomorrow is also filled with stuff to do, and Thursday I will be all studying most of my day off. I will probably do a lot of thing for my English research paper that is due in two weeks.

Long festive weekend

Nima had his birthday Wednesday. We celebrated then. And Thursday. And Friday.

Wednesday we had dinner at Elephant bar in Goleta. It’s so nice that we now can go places since I have a car.

Thursday we played poker at home, so much fun. Instead of money we played for drinks.

The big birthday party was Friday. We had invited so many people that came and partied there and celebrated Nima.


Yesterday I was the photographer at the football game. It was the last game and I took the pictures for The Channels. Now I’m gonna sit and go through all 600 photos. You might see them after I’ve published them in the paper. Here is one, pretty telling photo. Now the season is really over:


Yep, they lost again


It was also nice afterwards with dinner with Cecily, her mom, Vaios and Paige.


Btw, here are the links to my articles in The Channels. Forgot to link them last time.


The story of problems with late adds



Short article about the president’s chat that wasn’t well visited


Some about the elections – and I’m featured in Hot Mess :D

The elections Tuesday went both good and bad. I’m not so thrilled about the republicans taking over in the House of Representatives. Now the congress is split and nothing will happen. The country will be standing still for two years, and the only focus will be the Presidential election of 2012.

Good that Meg Whitman didn’t win in California. She has done a lot of bad things in this campaign, and it was nice to see that the voters didn’t accept that.

That Prop 19 (the marijuana ballot) didn’t went through was a little bit unecpected, but not surprising if you can put it like that. That’s what happens when not that many young voters goes to the polls. Now people will be smoking like before, without any tax incomes for the state or stopping of Mexican drug cartels.


In Santa Barbara there were some really interesting elections. To the Board of Trustees, that we have been writing so much about, three of the incumbents lost. The counting of the votes is not a 100 % done yet, but it seems like both the board president and vice president (Dobbs and Green who I both interviewd before the election) had to go, as well as the grand old lady, 95-year old Katherine Alexander, who’s been on the board for 49 years.

Many from  The Channels were out the entire election night reporting. The losers were on a secret location, and were very cranky when contacted by Channels reporters. They were real bad losers, except Alexander.

Thanks to hard working staff, The Channels came out already the day after the election. Really cool. I have no election story in this issue, but I have another story, one short brief and also a photo!


And now, something completely different:


I’m featured in this week’s episode of Hot Mess, about 45 seconds into this clip:




Hot Mess is sortofa video blog by host, model and media person Andrea Feczko. Among other things she is in the Key of Awesome videos (that I mentioned a while ago), playing Ke$ha among others. She has her own show where she each week features the talkies of the moment. On her fan page on Facebook one can suggest which topics are most discussed for the moment. I suggested Prop 19, which has been widely discussed in California the last week. I wrote this the day before the election, and as you know I was wrong about the outcome, and Andrea mentions this too. But I don’t care, I’m in Hot Mess with my name and picture, so now I can retire and live on this fame ;)

Wonderful and fun Halloween!

Wow, this has probably been one of the most enjoyable weekends of my life. It's been busy all the time, a lot of funny people, costumes, party and just great.

My two costumes:


Saturday and Sunday: Zorro

Thursdy: Playboy Photographer

We started Thursday with the Halloween celebration. Me and Ola went down to La Brezza where we partied with mostly Swedes. Then we went all out to Montecito to a large house with a huge amount of people, and then finishing at La Brezza again.

This evening I was dressed as a Playboy photographer. I was that at a student party seven years ago, so now I went for it again. A very successful costume. You can go up to girls and ask if I could get a picture of them, and you get it. Win!

The Swedish gang at La Brezza

Some pictures from the party in Montecito:






Friday was different from the other days. First Channel's job with two interviews and the production of the newspaper, but then me, Lauren, Cecily and Vaios went to the Six Flags amusement park in Santa Clarita. It is one of the coolest theme parks available, with some of the world’s coolest roller coasters (yes, some are in the Guinness Book of Records).
It is difficult to describe the rides, because they are so cool. Best of all was the X2. How can you describe it ...? You go backwards. And lying down. Upside-down. Loops, high hills, twisters, screws. I did not get any pictures of m yown, so here is one I found online:


This is how it looks. Remember that you go backwards, so you never see what's next.

Other cool rides included the Riddler's Revenge, where you stand up the whole ride, through the loops and other things, and Tatsu, where you hang under the car and "flies" and you look like Superman.

Another cool thing about the park was that they also had Halloween celebration. Some parts of the park where you had to go to travel between different parts were dimmed, and smoke machines formed a mysterious mist. Across the park, hundreds of actors were dressed up as zombies, ghosts, creepy clowns, killers and much more. Their job was to scare the crap out of all guests. And they succeeded very well for the most part. However, they often targeted girls because they proved to be most easily frightened. Sick fun. And scary at the same time, especially when you were in the fog and did not see anything.
Being at an amusement park in the evening / night was also awesome. Everything is dark except lights on certain roller coasters. But some were completely darkened so that you could not see where you went, which increased the feeling immensely. We were there until after closing, had time to go on all the rides that was open and had tremendous fun.

On Saturday it was time to party again. This time I was Zorro. I liked to watch it when I was little, so this year I wanted to honor him with a suit.
Nimas girlfriend is visiting from Sweden, so we started living here pre-party here. A neighbor joined too.


The people who live here

Then came Lauren and her friend Marissa and we stayed here for a while before we three went to Isla Vista.


Marissa and Lauren

As you may know, Isla Vista (IV) a place outside of Santa Barbara, where only students live, many of whom study at the university. IV on Halloween is a phenomenon throughout the United States and each year about 40,000 people come there just to experience Halloween there. And the entire crowd walks on the street Del Playa (DP) and everyone were dressed.
Me, Lauren and Marissa walked around there, watching people, took pictures, was in the pictures and had a blast. People even wanted to take pictures of me in my costume, which was fun. A good grade that my costume was good. We had a really fun night.


Pictures from IV:






Yesterday, Sunday, we had a bit more traditional celebrations. I went home to Lauren, where we made pumpkin lanterns. I've never done it before, and it was great. Unfortunately, all the large pumpkins sold out, so we only had little ones to work with, but it worked with it.


Look how happy I am! As a kid in kindergarten, I look out: P

Almost there...


My pumpkin lantern!

Marissa joined us when we went out and trick or third stage. Also something I have never done before. And it was sick fun. Apparently there had been not so many children out there, for most houses had a lot of candy left and was glad to get rid of it. So even though we were college kids (still very nicely dressed) we got quite a lot of candy.


Marissa and Lauren out on trick or treat

We went down to State Street and watched people who were dressed and who also watched people who were dressed up.

I ran into another Zorro. It became a duel of course.

A few notes from this year's Halloween:

  • This year's most common costume: Chilean miners. People were very creative with their costumes, and this was the most common.
  • This year's disappointment: Much less girls in minimum outfits in years. They had more cool costumes instead.
  • This year’s best evening: All nights
  • This year's tip: guys - wear a costume as a Playboy Photographer next year!
  • The year’s photos: check out my facebook, where I have about 350 of them

I've had so sick fun all weekend. Busy all the time with people I like. I love this festival!

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