Now it’s weekend. Halloween weekend!

Time for Halloween. I’m stoked. Everybody talks about it all the time, even the teachers.

I will probably party tonight and Saturday. Tomorrow Friday I’m going with Lauren, Cecily and Vaios to Six Flags! It’s gonna be so much fun.

Ah, whattaheck, I will probably party when I get home from there tomorrow night, plus Sunday when the real Halloween is.

I’ll come back to you after the weekend. Then you will see photos from the weekend. Then, Tuesday, it’s the elections, so a lot about that too.

My endorsements in the two elections that is talked the most about:

Governor: Jerry Brown (D)

Prop 19: (legalizing marijuana) yes

It will be very interesting to see the outcome of those two elections. Plus the others as well. Since I have been working so close with the Board of Trustees election I will not say who I’m supporting there since it can hurt my reputation.


Take care, and see you after the weekend!

A totally amazing weekend in Las Vegas and Grand Canyon

OMFG! How should I describe this? You cannot put it into words. I've had so incredibly fun and seen so much awesome things. Entertainment Metropolis Las Vegas and the great natural wonder of the Grand Canyon.

We were three people on the trip. I took a bus Friday and met up in Vegas with Chris and Lidia. They will be moving to Brazil on Wednesday before the wedding to fix a lot, and they wanted their last U.S. weekend in Vegas. After previous visits, they had had a free weekend at the Tropicana, which is located on the Strip, next to MGM Grand, New York-New York, Luxor and Excalibur.
We ate well, played, partied and tourists. Had a blast every day.

Las Vegas is in many ways as you had imagined. Magnificent, awesome, funny, crazy and just incredible. The city  is made for parties and games. It's what you do, and you're having fun. You also get free drinks at casinos when gambling.

Tropicana, our hotel


Paris Hotel

New York-New York

The Mirage

Saturday we had planned to start in one end of The Strip and check out one hotel at a time, have a drink, and then move on to the next one. We started at the Stratosphere, which is America's fifth tallest building

After the opposite huge (and strong) Daquiri we went up the tower. Once up there, they had a thrill-ride-launch ON TOP of the tower. The world's highest launch, 321 meters above sea level. Of course I went. I have never had problems with heights or tall buildings, but I must admit that here I was quite small on the earth. But a very good feeling.

Up there is the ride


Me, Chris and Lidia on the top of Stratosphere

We went on to the Sahara where they had one-dollar-gambling. One could thus play for ages and a lot without losing so much. And get free drinks in the meantime.

Our plan to visit all the hotels ended up with two. Then it was time to party. After the pre-party at the hotel we went to Studio 54 at MGM Grand. The club is built after the model in New York. It was really nice.




Party at Studio 54

On Sunday we had planned to drive to the Grand Canyon, but it was not a good idea we came up with, for many reasons. We checked out the other possibilities. We did a tour where you flew to the Grand Canyon, could walk around there, ride the bus in the area, eating food, and fly back. It was pretty expensive, but in retrospect I can say with 110% certainty that it was sooo worth it.

There are no words to describe how amazing the Grand Canyon was. Many of those I know who have been there say the same thing, to which I agree. In advance one was perhaps expecting something awesome natural phenomena, one goes there for a while and then go home. But once you are on the ground you lose your breath completely. It is so incredibly beautiful.

I had goosebumps when I went there. It is one of those ... I can’t find a good word. You have to experience it. Do it! All of you that someday go to America, go in the Grand Canyon and experience it for yourself. Photos do not give justice to what it was, and the prisoners especially the depth of how amazingly high ravine edges. Also, there is absolutely no security, so if you want to walk to the edge and fall off as you can.


View from the airplane

One of the places you could walk around





Chris 'n Lidia

Lovely view


Las Vegas by night on the way home


Summary: I've had a wonderful weekend. More photos available on Facebook.

I have bought a car!

I've named him Bruce

Now I’m a real American. I no longer need to rely on buses, to walk to get a ride. Cause I have now bought a car, so now I can go wherever I want!

I bought it from my friend Veronica who is leaving for Sweden this winter. She needed to get rid of it, and I wanted a car. Win-Win.

It’s pretty old, a 92, but it’s so cool. Looks good on the outside, and it’s cool on the inside. It is a Buick Le Sabre 1992.

Now I can go wherever I want to go. This afternoon I went out do drive for no other reason than the fact that I could. Cruised around the freeway and downtown. It was just so nice. And the gas is so cheap here compared to Sweden.

But the best thing: We can finally do some serious grocery shopping! Before, we could only buy as much as we were able to carry around in two bags, or use the bus and wait forever. Tonight we are gonna go to Ralphs and we will buy a lot of heavy stuff, like big juice containers, gallons of milk and just sooo much food.


The weather the last days have been so weird. Kinda all possible weathers there is, in the same day. Burning heat, cold winds, heavy rain, thunder, fog, overcast, the most beautiful sunsets in the world, really cold mornings.

Monday we were supposed to play soccer but we weren’t sure we could because of the thunder. We stared, and when the warm up was over we heard a big BANG! The whole world was lightened up and then it went completely dark. The lightning had struck somewhere and all the lights in the stadium was out. And this is the big ass kinda of stadium lights. Completely black, couldn’t see anything. It was really cool.

But when I think about our bad weather, it’s nice to look at other people’s misery. Here is a weather map I found on a Swedish online newspaper. You don’t need to know what it all says, but the main thing is: SNOW STORM TO HIT SWEDEN


After this, our weather no longer feels that bad


Friday I’m off to Las Vegas! Don’t think I will hear from you before that. At least not here. So until after the weekend, hope you all will have a good time. I know I will. And I can already now say that some of the things that happens in Vegas will also stay there. The rest will end up on Facebook.

Lovely weekend in Fullerton

Top row: Kyle, Erik, Jessica, Paige, Therese, Anna, Michael, Dan
Middle row: David, Briitta, Johan, Cody, James, Brendan, Joel
Front row: Connor, Palmer, Patricia, Anders

This semester's JACC conference was much smaller than the previous one, since it’s only for So-Cal. But we’ve had a very nice weekend and had fun pretty much all the time. And we’d come much closer in the group too.

We stayed at a Marriott hotel right by the campus to CSUF, California State University Fullerton, where the competitions and all arrangements took place. Nice hotel, really good breakfast and service.

Many interesting lectures, workshops and speakers. Everything from photojournalism, Facebook, job applications, editing and filming.

The competitions were okay, but maybe not that funny. The sport reporters had to cover an archery PRACTICE (!) and the feature photographers wandered around the campus to find something fun.


Saturday morning there was a speak that was the ground for many competitions, news writing, news photo, opinion writing and editorial cartoon. The speaker was a guy from Malaysia who now is Editor-in-Chief at the CSUF daily newspaper. He talked about that and what changes he had done since he took office. Not that interesting, but I think I got a pretty good article.


We ate a lot this weekend. Friday night we went to a Mexican restaurants all of us, except those who were covering the sport story. Big hotel breakfast Saturday morning, then hamburgers, cookies and chips (American lunch) in the day and the again going to a restaurant in the afternoon. Plus coffee and candy all the time.


Friday night we all went to squeeze us all into the Jacuzzi at the hotels patio. We had ”fest i bübble-puulen” (~party in the hot tub) as we taught the Americans to say. Then everybody came to our hotel room and we played cards, had pillow fights and watched funny things on TV (cause just like in the spring the conference were completely non-alcoholic).


Card game at our room


The award ceremony went pretty good for The Channels. I disn’t win anything, but among others James, Cody, Dan, Brendan and Kyle did.


On the way home there was a sing-along in the bus all the way back to Santa Barbara. Queen, The Lion King, Beatles, Turtles, Michael Jackson, Tenacious D and much, much more. A fun ending to a fun weekend.



Our hotel

Swedish girls at a Mexican restaurant: Anna, Therese and Briitta

Jessica and Paige during the gambling night

Dan, Brendan and Connor on the way towards food

Brendan, minister for silly walks

Midterms and my knee hurts

Monday we had a little party here (unexpected, right?). Just me, Lauren, Ola and Louise. We sat at home and talked about Sweden, listned to Swedish rap, looked at funny clips on YouTube and then we went to Sharkeez. It was nice.


It’s the midterm period now and I’m so glad I don’t have as much to do as many others. I had one midterm in Mass communication today. It was tricky questions, but my gut feeling tells me I did oaky. Have another one in Digital Darkroom that is due this week. I will do it tomorrow. It’s online, so hopefully it will be all right.


Here is the latest one of the articles written by election reporter Johan: it’s about the current president of the Board of Trustees who’s hoping to be re-elected. Here you can read about him.

You might also find it interesting to browse the rest of the online paper, cause there’s a bunch of interesting articles, like a dead man found in the park by the baseball field and the school’s president trying to explain why they hired a PR consultant for 24 grand while the rest of the school is trying to save money.


Tonight’s soccer didn’t go that well. In our game we were only four-by-four, so there was so much running, and then you make an extra effort in the close-on battles so you don’t need to run that much. Then it’s easy to run in to each other, and that’s what happened tonight. Run in to another guy, and after that my knee hurt like hell and I had to abort the game. I tried to play in the end, but I couldn’t run so I had to be on the defense/goalie (we don’t play with a goalie, but come on, I was hurt! ) I managed to save FIVE man-on-man attempts by doing really cool ice hockey goalie-saves.


This is how I imagine I looked


The knee has swollen up tonight. I will just rest and hope that it will be better tomorrow.


This weekend I’m going away. In April we went to a journalism conference in LA, and now it’s time for the fall edition. It is only regional for So-Cal, so it won’t be as big as the one in the spring, but it will be a lot of fun anyway. So you won’t hear anything from me until Sunday at least.

Super fun weekend, free beer – and Derek Stepan!

Today it’s 10-10-10. Cool.


After a hard enough school week I have had a great weekend. Party Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Friday I went with the school’s Business club on a field trip to Jordano’s in Goleta. They are a big food and beer distributor/importer. They have the rights in three counties for some of the biggest brands, like Heineken, Budweiser, Tecate, Stella and much more. I came along as a photographer. It was interesting and the CEO was very good and a nice person with a lot of stories to tell. He wife was btw born in Halmstad, but moved to the US when she was a child. She was also there and talked.


Tour in the beer warehouse

Group picture of the business club.


After the tour we all got a pack of energy drinks, but also a case of beer each. So cool. It was four different beers in each. One lager, one octoberfest-style beer, one dark one and one honey beer. Pretty good all of them. Nima is the president of the business club, and he got two cases. But he doesn’t like beer, so he gave it to me and Ola, so me and Ola ended up with two cases each =)


That makes this much beer


In the evening we went to a birthday party at Alleagra. Cecilia has her birthday Monday but celebrated then. There were a lot of Swedes I haven’t seen in such a long time, which was nice. For some reason there was a big bag of Styrofoam in the garage/party room where we were. Eventually it was no longer in the bag, but out on the floor everywhere. We had snowball fights and played winter. A lot of fun for everybody, except those who had to clean it up the day after.


Styrofoam snow!


Last night I went to IV. Went to Paige’s place along with Cecily and her longtime friend from back home, Emily who was down here visiting. We had so much fun all night long. We mostly stayed at Paige’s, but as you do when you’re in IV, we walked around DP and visited some other parties and dance gardens. One of the funniest and best evenings in a very long time.


Today, though, it’s will be mostly studying. I have a midterm in masscommunication Wednesday so today me and Anna will sit at Starbucks studying.


Yesterday it was the season premier for the New York Rangers. Sat at home and watched it at home, and wow they were god. Really played like a team, and the passings were excellent. But the very best thing was Derek Stepan. I mentioned him in a blog entry a couple of weeks ago. He is a rookie, and did his first game ever in the NHL yesterday. And the way he did it! Hat trick and MVP player of the game. It was so cool to see. The future is looking good for the Blueshirts =)


Hat trick in his first game!

This is the 85th season for the Rangers. Here is the anniversary logo


So I can say that I’ve had a wonderful weekend. I really love my life right now.

Nice afternoon after an hectic week

It has been so much schoolwork this week, but now it’s finally Thursday afternoon = weekend.

Today after school I met up with Lauren and we went downtown and had lunch. I’m still so full after all the Chinese food. We also went to a lot of stores to check out Halloween stuff. Tried on a lot of different things, hats, costumes, wigs and others. How about Lauren and me as pimp and ho? (with Lauren as the pimp) Who knows? :P


I’ll continue the afternoon/early evening by going to the gym, and after that I’ll try to find some nice party.

Tomorrow I will join Nima and the Business club to some place in Goleta. I am to take photos. It is a beer importer who is gonna have a lecture or something. I have been promised beer for the effort.


The latest issue of the school newspaper has been published. Any revealing stories about PR persons isn’t there, so you’ll have to wait till next week. But we do have profiles of four of the eight candidates, and here is my profile of incumbent Sally Green:


The following article isn’t mine, but specially selected to Patrik: You have said that there is too little hockey in Santa Barbara. Voilá!


If I don’t have time to talk to you before, have a nice time mom and dad! And Happy Birthday in advance dad!

Cold, Halloween costume, interviews and new Swedish government

There we have topics for today's blog entry.

The weather here is really unpredictable right now. Last week was the highs, and the last few days there has for the first time this fall been overcast and chilly. Last night I had to close the window in the bedroom for the first time.
Shit, what a hassle it was to play soccer yesterday. It was blowing like crazy, so it was almost impossible to beat descent passes. Most common word in the match was "help". It was called from us to the poor runners on the athletics track after the ball time and again gone far past the target and continued to roll and roll. The same also happened to our small goals before we had weights on them.

A few minutes ago UPS rang at the door and I got a package. My first Halloween costume has arrived! I tried it immediately and it was so cool. It will be so awesome. Ola thought it was cool too.
What it is? That you can see the pictures after the last of October :D

Have done an interview today with the President of the Board of Trustees, Joe Dobbs. He is the most powerful man in the school, more so than President Serban. In our election coverage we have divided the candidates (eight candidates for four seats) between the four of us in the team, me, Kyle, Cody and Ari. I got the two highest-ranking of the incumbent board, the president and vice president. Really awesome that I had the confidence to get both.
The interview took one hour, and I recorded it. Then I had to sit over four hours in the afternoon to transcribe the whole interview, word by word. It took four hours! Listen to half a sentence, pause, write, listen again, pause, write, listen ... Was really out of my head after that. But I have to say that my phone works great as dictaphone.

It’s peanut butter jelly time! Now I lie in bed and eat yogurt and sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly. I know, it's so unhealthy. But it is good. And I've been out and ran my 5 mile jogging round tonight, so I think it's okay.


Finally, some comments on Swedish politics. First, the election of the Speaker. Good that the Alliance did not have to be supported by SD, and some from the Red-Greens voted for the Alliance. How about that, Mona? Extra fun to see my friends Jenny from Halmstad, and Jessica from Stockholm as new MPs  =)

And so the government. I got up this night at 5a.m. to check on the government's policy statement. As usual, SVT-play sucked, but the Parliamentary website worked perfectly.
Reinfeldt did most things right. The small parties were allowed to keep their number of ministers was good, so you avoid the dispute. It would have been an unnecessary fight to take.
The right  ministers had to go. Don’t think there is anybody who will miss Torstensson, Husmark-Pearson, Odell or Krantz.
Several interesting new names, and some unknown. Must admit I do not know Peter Norman or Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd.
Ullenhag was expected that he would some ministerial post eventually, as well as Stefan Attehall and Hillevi Engstrom and Mrs. Hat(t). Nice that the quarrel between Reinfeldt and Ulf Kristersson now fully is over and that this talented moderate gor a spot in the limelight again.
The Agriculture Department changes its name feels more like a game. Nothing new will happen well.
I thought that Maud could have continued as deputy prime minister.
Moreover, what should an IT & Regions Minister do for a living?
I like this new government. Have seen some comments that it is too boring and that Reinfeldt should be taken in more profiles. Would you like to see specific profiles you can turn on Jersey Shore. Would you like to see serious people who take responsibility for Sweden in the upcoming years, then the Alliance Government is something for you.

Good luck to the government now!

A lot of things going on now

Everything is spinning really fast now, and there is so much to do with the journalistic election stuff.


As I predicted, there has been criticism against our article last week. The dean that was most in the spotlight has written a long entry as a comment on the article, where he says that he hasn’t done anything wrong, we have misquoted him, we are a disgrace for the school, yada, yada, yada. Also the two incumbents that was mentioned has criticized us. But they went straight to the school’s president. Not to us. Directly to the president. One of the also called me Wednesday and commented that he didn’t think he was treated fairly.


But we are four journalists that has been working on this. We know ehat questions we have asked, what answers we have got. We have our backs covered. Just because this is high profile men they won’t be able to scare us.


There has been two debates this week for all the candidates. Thursday it was really heated up Thursday when incumbent board president got in to a verbal fight with the leader of the challengers, former SB mayor Marty Blum. She accused the board to have taken money from charity to use for a PR person for them self. The president was furious and said stuff like “you should just be quiet, you don’t know anything about this, you weren’t there”.


But now is it like this, we at The Channels have received a document showing that they actually have hired a PR person. There will be an interesting article this Wednesday…


This was on the front page of The Daily Sound after Thursday’s debate. I’m on the front page of an American newspaper! Or, at least the back of my head…


Other things, not related to the election. Christoffer and Lidia have moved out. They are leaving for Brazil in a couple of weeks, and they will stay with a friend up until then. Nima, who lived in my house last semester, have now moved in here.


Went to the football game yesterday. Thanks to my new press ID I could go down to the field and take photos there and see the game very closely. It was a really exciting game. Even up until the last minutes, both teams fumbled and lost the ball. With one minute to go, the opponents Southwest LA could win the game with just doing a touchdown. Instead they dropped the ball, and Vaquerors made a 70 yard pass to a guy that ran free along the sideline. Thereafter they scored a touchdown, and won the game. First home victory for Vaquerors. So beautiful play and so cool to be right by the side line to see it up close.


Nice spot, by the sideline

I also took photos of this team. More photos on facebook

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