Nice day at work

Today I’ve had a lot to do at work, but it still has been very nice. It’s of course because I’m going abroad tomorrow!


Today at work our owner’s CEO visited our paper, as well as Elin and Theodor. The second visit was better.

I’ve also taught my apprentice all the things I know about my job as an editor.


Tomorrow I will be travelling, but I hasn’t really had time to think about it.

The last couple of days I’ve been so busy.

A really funny, travelling-themed party Saturday. Very great night at Anna and Linus’s. I was a pilot.


 Sunday I went to Grandma, to celebrate her birthday.


Monday. Went to Gothenburg to see Eddie Izzard with Daniel.  I saw Izzard 2009, but this was even better. Two amazing hour filled with absurd humor about everything and nothing.



Wednesday I saw a Halmstad soccer game. Another tie, but really boring game.


And I’ve done the laundry.


And then tonight I’ve packed the bags. Because tomorrow I’m going to America!!


Me, Andreas and Henric are going to the West Coast of the US for a couple of weeks. Go around to different places, meet friends, eat lots of good food, and just have a great time.


And it’s my first paid vacation. That alone is strange.

Succesful start!

Okay, since I wrote in anger last night, here is a short summary of the Rangers' new players.
The same evening (night time for me) as the trades, Rangers played Pittsburgh. And goddamn what a great game, and goddamn what a success for the new players!
Ryane Clowe came from San José earlier in the day. He is big and strong and usually a good sniper, bit not this year, when he has been goal-less. Until last night. He stroke no less than two times, and also got an assist. His first thing in the game was also to give away a nice clean tackle to a Penguin, just to introduce himeself for the Garden audience.
Derick Brassard came to the Rangers in the Gaborik trade, and arrived to Madison Square Garden six minutes before warm-up. He scored too, and also got three assists!
John Moore, defenseman, came with the same plane after the same trade and HE SCORED TOO!
Besides this, the rest of the team played brilliantly, and they could beat Pittsburg 6-1, depsite the Penguins' all great trades in the past week.
The thirs player in the trade, Derek Dorsett, is injured, and obviously couldt make any points last night.
Now things starts to feel good again. If the Rangers plays like this, there will be no problem reaching the playoff, and once there, they can go far. Really far. The furthest.
Photo: New York Rangers/Facebook

NHL Trading deadline

It’s been a while since I wrote about NHL, but I have to get it out of my system now after watching the last hours of the trading deadline circus.


First of all, it was a nice broadcast that the Swedish paper Aftonbladet had.


But then the trades themselves.

This morning (Swedish time) the Rangers acquired Ryan Clowe from San José Sharks for some draft picks. Seemed nice, and with not so much time left till deadline it felt like that was gonna be the only Rangers trade today.

But no.

The news that Marian Gaborik had been traded was a chock. I couldn’t believe it. Sure, he was in the speculations, but still! And what we got for him. Three decent players, but nothing special. They better succeed now!


Well, it’s not like 2004 when ten Rangers-players were traded within a week before deadline, among them Brian Leetch. But I’m still upset.

This night I’m gonna watch the game between the part new Rangers against the very new Pittsburgh Penguins.

Damn, they have added good names. Iginla, Morrow, Jokinen, Murray. But we will kick their ass!

Columbus also did some nice moves, as well as St Louis.


This year’s NHL season is in all means nothing like what you thought last summer. Now it’s just for the Blueshirts to cramp in to the layoff. Good luck, and also good luck in Columbus, Gaborik!


Photo I took in Madison Square Garden in january 2010. Marian Gaborik in action.

Some update

Well, once again it’s been a while.

It’s getting closer to the trip to America, and it’s gonna be so much fun! All three of us is looking forward to it so much. We have now rented a car, and booked hotel in San Francisco .


Swedish soccer league started today. Halmstad got 1-1 away against Malmö, and that’s a good start.


Melodifestivalen didn’t go as well, but hopefully Sweden will do better in Eurovision song contest.


Rangers isn’t doing so well right now. Hopefully it will be better once the playoff starts.


Tonight me and the guys are gonna watch the last episodes of The Walking Dead. So excited!