I’m watching the two worst movies every. The Ninja Mission and 2019 – the new barbarians. I borrowed them from Roger at work. And I’m not badmouthing his choice of film – he told me these were terrible, and therefore I should watch them.

There Swedish, but the first takes place in the Soviet Unions (with ninjas), even though you can see old Volvo cars with Swedish plates…


But last week I saw a really good movie, the sequel to The Hunger games, Catching fire. I’ve also read the book,


and I was pleasantly surprised. The movie stuck to the book well.



NHL has started so and so, but they’ll get it eventually.


Swedish Idol only has two more episodes. I love this show. Go Elin!



At work there has been a whole lot going on, with a new layout for the paper, new networks and other things, but it’s getting better and better.


We had a company party Saturday. Bowling, dinner and then party at a nightclub. Really nice.


And I’m also doing a lot of  other fun things, and I guess it will be even more now that the holiday season is coming up

The fall is here

Well, well, here I go again.

I've had so much to do each week, so I never get time to blog.



I alwas have plenty of stuff to do during the weekends, always many weeks ahead. But also in the weekdays it's like that. For instance, this week:

Monday: stor (tell you more in a second)

Tuesday: met with Elin, Dionisis and Teo.


Make pumkins with dad, redecorating, laundry

Thursday: Quiz night

Friday- sunday: trip to Gothenburg, plus soccer game Sunday

Next week:
Monday: Boxercise with Linda
Tusday: Floorball
Wednesday: Game night with coworkers:
Thursday: Quiz night
Friday: Homewwarming party
Saturday: Meet Anton all day
Sunday: Father's Day, going to Getinge
And it continues like that. Things to do all the time, but it's fun. Exercise, running, Sunday dinners, and plenty of other things as well, besides work.
Monday there was a storm. Hurricane Simone came in over Sweden after affecting parts of Europe, and people had died. In Sweden it wasn't as devastating, but many trees came donw, as well as roofs, barns, animals died and thousands were out of power.
But it was cool to work at a newspaper that day, and our great web-reporters live reported constantly all day long.

 Halloween was yesterday, and I carved some punpkins.

 Speaking of pumpkins, I went to Öland for the big Harvest festival. I've never went there in the fall, but it was really cool. Lots of food, art, fairs and things to see. I went there with mom and dad, and my firend Andreas.
I also went to Uddevalla, going to Gothenburg now, and more trips, game nights and parties. Many things to do, and I'm loving it.