The police came to school today

Quote of the Day: Coming home with a hole in your chest is bad.
/ Photojournalism professor Mike Eliason

Today the police came to the school and arrested the assistant teacher. Pulled weapons, sirens and handcuffs.

Everything was planned, with meaning and completely harmless.

Last week we were at the fire department in photo journalism. This week it was time for the police to get caught on film. Greg Hons from SBPD came to visit us and talked about what it's like to be in the police, tips for journalists in contact with police officers and other things.
Speaking of good quotes, like I wrote above. This following quote were also pretty good by Hons, about whether to shoot in certain situations or not, and the impact it can have:
"Better judged by 12 than carried by 6".

Greg Hons in clas, showing weapons and other things after his lecture


Hons is part of Santa Barbara's SWAT team. If you do not know what it is, it is the U.S. special police forces, their task force. Those with fatter fire arms, clothing and equipment. Unfortunately, he did not wear it... But he had with him everything and we could go up to him and take pictures and feel everything. I took up the M4 assault rifle and felt it and immediately came back memories of my military service. The instinct of how to hold it came up directly and I tried to aim it. It was cool. Maria, Maria, Linnea, and several others took pictures of me with the gun. It was fun. The rest of the equipment was also cool, with the shotgun, stun gun, vest, flash grenades and helmet.

James gets arrested


Then it was time for our photo assignment. Hons would anticipate arresting teaching assistant James (teacher's sidekick if you will remember from a previous post, as always get’s it coming). They made the “arrest” and we took pictures of everything. It was cool.


(I dont put up so many photos now. And images of me with the asault rifle I will post when I have got a copy of it from one of the girls)