Paparazzi Johan updates about the ship

300 million dollars


Yesterday evening we were down in the harbor to see if we could get a closer look at the ship that had anchored right outside from here. All the piers were overfilled with people who wanted a closer look.

After taken some photos of the ship me, Ola and Nima headed back home. Then came a small motorboat, that had come from the big ship, and ported in the harbor. It just ports quickly, and a woman and a man leaves it, and the boat goes away. The two people are dressed in workout clothes, and take off for a jog. I take a few pictures.


On our way home we meet some people and everybody is talking about the ship. One person says it is the yacht “A” that is owned by a Russian billionaire.

At home we start to google this and we found out that it is indeed the yacht “A” that is owned by the Russian multi billionaire Andrei Melnichenko. The ship is worth 300 million dollar.

Continuing googleling I also find out that he is married to a Serbian photo model, named Aleksandra. And after some more research I discover that it was actually her that went out on a jog along with her bodyguard.


So, apparently I have photos of a model trying to blend in on her jog in Santa Barbara. What do you do then? Well, I sink to the bottom of the worst and contact to tabloids and ask them if they wanna buy my images. Thought I might try that, and see if it’s worth anything. If I get my pictures sold to either the National Enquirer or Star Magazine, I will earn money but also become a effing sleezball paparazzi. But, I thought it could be fun to try it.


Aleksandra Melnichneko. I have better pictures than this, but those I won’t publish here if I am to sell any of them.