I’ve been skydiving!

I’ve just been in an airplane and thrown myself out 10 000 feet above ground. And it is godammit the coolest thing I’ve ever done! My gosh, it was wonderful and fantastic.


A couple of weeks ago me and Sahar sat during a lunch break discussing different things you can do here and that we wanted to do. We talked about skydiving and she started to look it up. Since her birthday is February 27 we wanted to do it around then and decided on Friday the 26th. We also got Jocke on board as well.


So we have known about this for a while. But we haven’t told anyone. Part cause we wanted to be our little secret but also to keep it calm back home. If I had said that I was to skydive my mom would not have been able to sleep for several weeks.


So today was the day. We have been worried about the weather the entire week. If it was to be bad weather we would not be able to go up. Today it was a little cloudy, but that was okay they said.


The road there was very beautiful with lovely green mountains and hills.


When there we had to sign a bunch of papers that basically all said the same thing: You should know that you might die and if you die it’s not our fault and you cannot sue us. It was kinda fun to read those papers and sign them. Then we watched an instruction video with some amish santa. It was impossible to take it seriously. Then we got instructions from the instructors as well.


Then we got our suits and straps. Unfortunately we could only go up two paris at the time, so Jocke had to wait on the ground while me and Sahar went up. It was a little plane and a bumpy ride. Both of our tandem jumpers were very chill and cool. It felt like they really knew what they were doing.


Sahar was first to jump. She jumped backwards, so her tandem jumper lept backwards and then she just came along. IT was cool to see her disappear just like that.


And then it was my turn. I was to jump forward. So I stepped up to the edge and put my right knee and left foot at the edge an look out. It was high up in the air. And then I just had to push forward and throw myself out to the world.


My god how awesome it was!


For about 40 seconds we just fell. No parachute, nothing, just fell straight down. Such a powerful and amazing feeling. Then the parachute developed and it was time for the gliding. Once again, so astonishing. Everything was so beautiful. The nature, the landscape, the sky, life. And quiet. So quiet. I was surprised over the complete silence. I could talk to my tandem jumper in a normal voice.


Our landing was a little bad. We missed our spot by a few yards and landed in some bushes. But that was kinda fun. Then we went to wait to see Jocke’s jump. Me and Sahar were still in seventh heaven and were so jealous at Jocke for being up there in the air. We wanted to do another jump!


Unfortunately I have neither photos nor video of the jump. To get that another guy needed to come along and that would cost a extra 100 $and we decided not to do that.


Still now a couple of hours after I’m still totally excited. So are the other two. It was the first time for all of us, but definitely not the last one. We have to do this again. It was the most wonderful feeling in my entire life! Totally amazing.



Right now I’m sitting in a car heading for Long Beach in a car with Cecily, Vaios, Elyse and Riley. Lauren will come later tonight. We are to celebrate Cecily’s birthday and on Sunday there is another cheerleading competition. I just had a chocolate-coffee cupcake. Now when I’m done writing I will write some emails for my interviews and then just have a nice car ride and weekend. Don’t know when I will write on the blog again, but maybe we hear in the weekend. More probably on fb first.


By for now. And once again: wow!