Wonderful Thanksgiving weekend


It has been a long and very pleasant weekend with real American Thanksgiving celebration. A lot of it has been about food.

Later Wednesday evening me, Cecily and Vaios left north, to Paso Robles about 2 hours north. The first Thanksgiving food was there already when we showed up, pumpkin pie and apple pie with cool whip. Yum!


Early Thursday morning we woke up and watched the traditional Thanksgiving parade from New York with all the floats, performances, balloons and other cool stuff. Meanwhile we drank a lot of hot chocolate and ate American breakfast; egg, bacon, ham, sausage and some kind of deep fried bread balls that the Trowbridge family use to make.

A big day of the day was spent by making food, and everybody helped. I have stuck my hand up a turkey ass for the first time. That was interesting.

During the day we let Cecily’s mom finish up all the food and the rest of us went around in Paso and Templeton and Cecily showed us a lot of different places, different stores, restaurants, parks, buildings that got destroyed by the big earthquake 2003, her old high school and a lot of other stuff. That was fun.



One street in Templeton only has buildings in Western style


Vineyard outside Paso


The dinner of the evening was a big tasty feast with so much good food. As starter we had shrimp cocktail and sherbet, then the big dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberries, vegetables, sourkraut (a family speciality that no one liked), bread and a lot of other things. Then more pie and candy.



Vaios, Virginia, Cecily and me


The turkey




Shrimp coctail


Me and Cecily


Me and aios shows how you behave on a fancy dinner party :P


We have spent the evenings watching different Christmas movies. A lot of fun, and Friday we went to the theater to see the new Disney movie Tangled, about princess Rapunzel. During the days we have been around in a lot of different towns, cities and beaches in the surrounding area; San Luis Obisbo, Pismo Beach, Atascadero, Morrow Bay and Cayucos. A lot of mountains, nice beaches and cool natur. Saturday evening we partied with Cecily’s longtime friend Shanna, who I have met before.


Pismo Beach




The weather wasn’t all that great. It has been freezing during the nights. It has also been raining a lot, but mostly clear skies in the days.

But despite that it has been an unforgivable weekend. I have experienced a real American holiday, and ate so much food and hung out with the Trowbridge family. I am so grateful about everything right now. I really love life.