Eventful birthday week

It's been a very fun and eventful week. I have had this much fun, but also had a lot to do in school.

I've got a new computer. Now I have a Macbook Pro that works very well. Take some time to get into all little details, but it will probably be fine.

Me and the new computer


We have a new room mate. Nima has had to go back to Sweden now Pontus has moved in.

The birthday was very nice. The day before we were a few who were out to dinner, for the actual birthday I had school most of the day. It was the editorial board meeting at the school, and Cecily brought cupcakes we ate there. Thanks!
I took time off from soccer in the evening and then there was a party. We had great fun throughout the evening and night.

It has been very busy with school newspaper this week. Now I have also experienced the negative things about being editor.
This happened. A couple of weeks ago, we set up a schedule in which Person A would attend and write about the Student Senate meeting. Fine. Then we decided who should cover the different areas and parts of the school, and Person B was given the Student Senate. Because it is better that a person is there all the time we decided that he would take over the story. He wanted it, and it was alright for Person A.
This week, Person B know that he would be in court on Friday when the meeting was. The problem was that he had not told us editors, but only to Person A. She could not do the story because she was booked to work because she would avoid meeting. She comes and tells me. I'm trying to find someone who can do this, but failed and must do it myself, and must devote all my free Friday about this. On Monday I'll sort out a few things with Person B.

The second story has been very enjoyable. Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney have visited the town, and that I should write about. I was going to talk to Republicans at the school, but the problem was simply that there are no Republicans in the school. None at all. In addition, I was denied press passes to this event. But I went down to the Reagan Center anyway, and there were demonstrations both days. Several of them were from the City College, so I could interview them. There will be a good story anyway.


The protesters talks to a Palin fan

During the weekend we had a visitor. A girl like Ola's mother know has been here and visited to check how it is going to the American school. Neither Ola and I knew her, but it has been really fun having her here and we've had a great time. Emelie was her name. She also studies to be a journalist, so she was with me when we visited the demonstrations. She came with me when I did interviews and we went and drank coffee and talked a lot about the newspaper and what it is like to study to become a journalist.
On Friday we went bowling and ate, and yesterday we watched the movie all of us.

Today I was out taking pictures for my class. It is called the fine art photography, and I would find an image that catches my artistic style. Say what now? I have no artistic style. So it got boring sunsets instead. Got a few good pictures of other things too, but I'll edit’em in Photoshop tomorrow so they can not you see now. So you have to make do with some views of the day. C ya!



The harbour earlier tonight


Ledbetter beach, about 50 yards from where I live