Last day of the winter break

I have had so many wonderful days since I got here. So nice to have the days off, but now that has to come to an end. Tomorrow is the first day of my presumable last semester ever. It will be nice to start.

This week there has been some parties, but mostly just chill. Today I have been out on a long walk. I was at a beach I don’t know the name of, but there are big cliffs all along the way. If you climb some small rocks you come to another beach that looks the same and is a dog beach. I was there in August with Lauren and Elyse.


Here is where I took my long walk today.


Now is also the last day that I’m alone in the apartment. Tonight Nima and Ola will come back. I will go and pick them up later.

Rangers played a really entertaining game yesterday in Atlanta. The Norwegian Mats Zucarello saved the day with his penalty shot goal.

Now I’m having some tuna salad and then I maybe watch a movie or something. Good ending of two wonderful weeks of vacation.


This is how it looked outside my house just a couple of minutes ago.