Vacation in Gothenburg, Greece, Öland and Stockholm

I’m free from work for a little while. It’s has been so nice and I’ve been really busy and went both here and there. During the three weeks I’ve had, I’ve only been at home four days.

I started already after my last shift was over by going up to Gothenburg. I met Veronica I knew in Santa Barbara and we went out to party with her friends. Then I went to see Daniel, and on Sunday the gang form Halmstad came up and we all went to the amusement park Liseberg. It was so much fun. We tried the new thing called AtmosFear. It’s a 155 m (450 ft) high tower with a free fall. It was really high up, but the ride it self wasn’t that special.


The gang at Liseberg, outside the Ghost House, minus Daniel



Then it was time for Greece. It was a really nice week in Rhodes. I went there by myself, but once there I met up with Elin and Annelie, two friends I knew as a baby and met a few times since. They are working in the travelling companies there, so in the nights when they got off work I met with them for dinner and parties. During the days I was swimming in the ocean, laying on the beach, and walking around in the old town.

Nice =)



I was there from Monday to Friday, and then I headed for Athens and an awaiting wedding.

It was my friends from Gothenburg, Elin and Dionisis, that got married. Almost all Swedes stayed at the same hotel. It was very centrally located, so we had walking distance to almost all things.


At the Syntagma Square there were pigeons everywhere


The wedding it self was very nice and a good party afterwards. But it wasn’t as vivid and crazy and Greek as I would have hoped. It was mostly us Swedes who kept the party going and we rocked the Dance of Zorba :)


Elin and Dionisis at the wedding


Once in Sweden again I went with my mom to the summer island of Öland to meet with relatives and old summer-holiday-friends.


Tuesday I got a visit from my Santa Barbara friend Maria.


The last week I have had a Harry Potter marathon with Patrik, and we crowned it with seeing the last movie, which was soooo good and worthy of the last book.


Now I’m on my way to Stockholm to meet Ola and Gaby. Nice end to the vacation.


Then I’ll go back to work and start at the Sport next week.


See ya!