My first flat tire

It was surprisingly easy to change the tire.

Me and Ola was yesterday supposed to go to IKEA in Burbank and buy Swedish stuff, to be on the way home stop in the Oulet stores in Camarillo. However this did not happen. Instead, we got a flat tire.

Or, actually not. It was pretty weird. On the way there we drove past a man who began waving like crazy for us. We didn’t bother. Thought he was crazy. Later, also a motorcyclist started waving and pointing. But it was nothing wrong with our car, it ran on as usual and nothing felt, sounded or smelled strange. Then came an old lady in a car that drove along with us through the freeway in Camarillo and waved and pointed the whole time.
Now I became worried and decided to turn off the freeway and drive into a parking lot. A look at the back tire and we saw what the problem was. It was quite trashed, but not punctured. Moreover, it was really, really hot. We do not know what happened, but it felt like it could explode at any moment.
That was what was so strange. It was running on, and was not flat, but it was broken.
We were surprisingly easy to change the tire in spare tire we had in the trunk, but then came the next problem. We need a new tire, but were do you get that on a Sunday afternoon?

We called Pontus who was home and he looked up where there were workshops. There were some around us, but a quick tour revealed that all were closed because it was Sunday.
We decided to drive home on our extra wheels. Since you can only run in about 20 mph, it would take a couple hours of home, but what else could we do? We decided, however, that since we were already in Camarillo, we could just as easily go to the outlet stores and do some shopping. IKEA was out of the picture.
On the way to the outlet, however, we saw our salvation. A workshop with a lone mechanic were about to close up and we go there and ask if we can get help, and he could. He had one tire left that suited our car, and he could fix it and our car was ready to go again.
We went to the Outlet stores and could then drive home at normal speed.
So we had a lot of bad luck, but very, very lucky to be able to fix it as quickly.