Goodbye San Diego, and goodbye my best friend

Me and Cecily at Disneyland earlier this spring

I have now visited the last major Californian city on my list, San Diego. Me and Cecily went down there as a last fun thing to do together.


We stayed at a really nice hotel by the water. Well, most of San Diego is by the water, since it’s located by a lot of bays, rivers and the beach along the Pacific. A tremendously beautiful city and very cozy. And also the best weather in California; warm all year, and as it’s here, where it’s not so warm some times during the year.


We visited Sea World, but unfortunately I have no pictures from there since Cecily warned me that some of the rides are so wet that the camera might not make it. And she was right. Damn, we got wet! But also, damn, we had fun!

There are also a lot of cool animals to see, and even cooler shows. They had one show with sea lions and otters that was incredibly impressive. I had no idea you could train those animals to do such amazing tricks and commands.

The most famous show is the one with the killer whales. And wow, that was impressive. The are so ginormous, and mighty, and when they jump out of the water to do a standing double volt in the air you can’t more than just grasp. They also like to splash water at the audience, and when a whale uses his whole tale so splash water at the crowd, you are happy to have a spot high up in the stands. And that you didn’t bring your camera.


But this trip was not only fun. Most of the last day I was so sad during most of the afternoon. The reason was that it was mine and Cecily’s last day together.


Cecily has been my best friend for two years. We have had so much fun together, always been able to talk about everything, we have the same opinions and humor, and always love to be with each other. As she put it, I am like the twin brother she never had, and she is like the twin sister I never had. To not be together anymore and have the ability to meet whenever we want is just horrible.


One good thing has come out of this grief. Cecily is now almost certain that she will come visit me in Sweden this summer.


And even if it’s not possible I know she will come another time, and that I will come visit her too. But despite that, it just suck so much. I already miss her. She is my best friend and she will be forever.


I know we will meet soon again, but no matter how long it will take, it is too long.


Cecily, I love you.


Ceily and me at her birthday last year