Free is nice

We have started to get rid of our stuff. We were worried that we would have problems to get rid of furniture, kitchen stuff, boxes, lamps and all those stuff. But we shouldn’t have worried.

We put out some adds on Craig’s List where we sold our couch, beds, ping pong tables, and surf boards. But we also put out everything else for free. Come and get it, and you’ll have it. We didn’t bother selling everything, we just want to get rid of it.


And damn!, we got many answers. My mailbox filled up all the time.

I also put out a sign in the street about free stuff. One minute later a Mexican woman knocked on our door and asked what it was. She got so happy when we gave her a table, chairs, kitchen utensils and much more. She works as a cleaner, so as a thank for all the free stuff she offered to help us to the moving out-cleaning.

Some others were here go get lamps and other stuff.


One man came and bought our two surfing boards for 10 bucks a piece. They were missing their fins, so they are useless if you don’t buy new ones for 40 dollars a piece.

Today a man was here and bought our ping pong table for 50 bucks.  It was really tricky to get it down the stairs, but managed after a while.

And we also got responses for the beds and couch.


The only stuff we got left here now is a few plates and knifes and forks for the last days, plus some other crap.


Sofa, 30 dollars, anyone?


We had the commencement ceremony Friday. Niklas and Sara from my journalism education in Sweden were here to visit during their USA trip. They took a lot of pictures, and hopefully they will post them soon so that we can show themto you.


Ola will go back to Sweden tomorrow. Then I will be all alone in this empty apartment for a week. It sucks so much to have to leave this life.

I feel so lousy about all this, about having to go back to Sweden. I want to stay here, but I can’t. I will try to get over my upcoming depression, which will start already when I leave LAX, some how. But I know it will work out, one way or another, and it will be fine eventually.