A very different Easter

This Easter didn’t turn out they way it was planned. Sure, I had great times with parties, dinners, lunches, a lot of Easter food and I worked and earned a lot of extra money.


But everything was overshadowed by the fact that my grandfather passed away.


Grandpa, mom’s dad, was an active man who played tennis, took care of his business’, worked in the forest and filled in as a tour guide at the Flygt museum. He wasn’t old for being 85 or, on the contrary. That’s why this is so surprising and unexpected.


When I grew up, I spent most of my summer days at grandma and grandpa’s summer place on the island Öland. Sometime from school ended in June till it started again in August.


Grandpa has meant a lot to me growing up. So this is just so, so sad. Thankfully they managed to get the funeral before to be held before I go to America.