Long walk and epic burgers

A lot of work, as usual, but I have some days off from time to time. Like this weekend. Sunday me, Andreas, Henric and Linda went out for a long, long walk. We walked Prince Beryil’s Path, a 10 mile track from the Castle, along the coast line with its bays and capes, up till Tylösand.


It was a bit windy, and a little cold, but still nice walking weather. Once we got back to the city (by bus) the rain started to pour down, so we were a bit luck there.


We had time for a neat picture too.


Later that evening we went home to Henric as usual, to watch Big Brother and eat an epic meal. This time we had homemade hamburgers with a sauce made from goat cheese and honey, and also frisco bread and paprika potatoes. Amazingly tasty.