Two nice weeks

Two weeks have passed since I blogged the last time. I’ve had much to do at my job, but also had a lot of fun.


Valentine’s Day was celebrated with four of us singles, with dinner and movie. We saw a new Swedish comedy, which was actually very funny.


Thursday we went to the pub quiz again.  We didn’t get on the podium this time, but we ended up in fourth place.


Saturday I was at a dance competition. The dance club in Halmstad, where Katta is one of the coaches, attended a competition in Varberg. We were a big group of people who went there. Afterwards we had a Melodifestival-party/dinner at Mårtenssons night club. Nice songs in the Melodifestivalen completion, nice food and nice party.


The weather is very changeing now. Cold one day, nice the other, and then cold again. Yesteday, Sunday, was one of the bette days, and I took a walk on the beach.


East Beach, Halmstad, February 26, 2012.



Yesterday was the Academy Awards. It’s differnet here in Sweden, since it goes on in the middle of the night. But we made a big thing about it, and dressed up fancy, had a nice dinner, champagne, cheese and crackers and snacks. It was a really good night, but we hadn’t seen that many of the nominated movies.


Speaking of artistic movies, right now Ingemar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal is on tv. I’m skeptical.