My week with Lauren

For a week and a half Lauren was with me here in Sweden. We’ve had so much fun! And it’s so nice to see that you have got so good friends in America that they come all the way here to say hi.

Her family was on a cruise in the Mediterranean, and when they flew home, she flew here. She had a lot of Swedish food and got to experience a whole lot of Swedish culture. We were both in Getinge and Halmstad during the first days. We partied at Club Monday, met friends and had a lot of food and candy.


Happy at Club Monday :)


We also went to Denmark. A day trip along the east coast of  Sealand and also Copenhagen. Then we went to the island Öland for two day of relaxation and summer recreation, like playing crocket and kubb.


At Öland we also took a swim =)


We ended the trip with a few days in Stockholm. We met with friends that both of us know, partied, did tourist things like visiting Drottningholm palace, Skansen, the Vasa museum, the amusement park Gröna Lund, shopping and nice dinners.


At Mvseet, champagne- och coctailbar, along with Gaby


One of the funniest episodes we experienced at a Viking restaurant in the Old Town. We just wanted to take a look, and a waiter, dressed in a Viking outfit greeted us and lead us in. He asked who we were, and were we’re from. Once inside the restaurant, we were standing at the top of some stairs above the dining hall, and when then the waiter started to sing, something like this: “Brothers and sisters, welcome our new friends from Sweden and America.” Very surreal. Once we got to look at the menu, we saw that it was very expensive, and each item on the menu was written like a little story, so we didn’t know what it was. So we left.

This week has been like a mini vacation for me, and a big vacation for her. And it seems like she has enjoyed it very much.

An amazing trip that we both will have with us for a long time.