Summer 2012 - just epic

Now it’s windy, cold and wet. So even I have to admit that the summer probably is over. So, here is my summary of what I have been doing this, the best summer ever. You will hear about the fun things I have done, and by that also get an explanation for why I haven’t written that much here. But to understand why this summer have been so awesome, first you need to know about the shitty year I had before the summer started.


The crappy year

For exactly one year I had the worst year of my life. It lasted form June 1 2011 till May 31 2012.

June 1 I had to leave America. After the two best years of my life I could no longer stay. It was horrible. For many months after I returned to Sweden I was depressed about this, to not be in Santa Barbara any more. It was really rough.

During that time my mom got ill,. It was so tough during this year. Thankfully she is a little better now.

I also had a difficult time job wise. I had job, but I never knew more than a month ahead if I was to have more job or not.

Also during this year, my grandfather Erik and my cat Missan died. Missan died May 31st, so that was the last day of the year that started june 1st. It sorta flet like some kind of closure, and from there it could only get better.


And it did.


Hang with the friends, big time.

This summer I have done more than during most summers before combined. I have always had something to do, and never been un-busy. I have worked, but every afternoon/evening after work (or morning before work when I worked the night shift) I have had something to do with my friends, or sometimes with my parents.

The times during this summer that I have not had anything to do, or just been by myself I can could on my five fingers. And I haven’t had any free Saturday or Sunday since the spring. I’m never free. And I just love it.

Thanks to my lovely friends there has always been something going on, even on a “regular” day. Minigolf, going to the movies, soccer, dinners, going out, beach, parties, roadtrips, hikes, trips, games, film marathons, and much, much more. With Andreas, Henke, Linda, Katta and Anna in Halmstad, the exil-hallandians in Gothenburg, and all the others we are having fun 24-7. Then the Silver-Fridvall couple, the Logara couple, new and old workbuddies,many other friends from the past and many more.

This very night I’m at home doing the laundry, so I’m “free” and that is very unusual.

Sundays with home coocked dinner at Hank’s, Thursday s with pubquiz, Saturdays with parties, and everything else on the rest of the week.

We went to Gothenburg and Liseberg. I also went to see Bruce Springsteen with Daniel.



Friends from America.

My dear friend Lauren was here visiting form the States. We had som much fun for a week and a half, and we spent time in Halmstad, Denmark, Öland and Stockholm. There, we met up with other old friends form Santa Barbara, such as Ola, Mariana and Gaby.

I’ve also been to Uddevalla and visiting the people there.



I’ve had so much nice food, both at restaurants as well as home cocked. We invented the dish Nachosheet

I’ve also had disgusting food, as when I tried the North-Swedish dish surströmming. Totally horrible, and it was the first and last time I tried it. But, at least I have tried it now. Btw, it’s rotten fish, if you don’t know…




The Olympics passed, and that is nice to watch, even though Sweden didn’t to so good. One gold at least.

The UEFA Euro 2012 in soccer didn’t go well, either.

But Henrik Lundqvist won an award for best goalie in the NHL. Finally!


Other things

I drove gokart. That was nice.


I have been working a lot, but it has been nice. I have tried to be an editor, for the letters-to-the-editor section. And now I have started to write again.


The weather wasn’t to nice. But since I worked so much, it didn’t bother me that much. But I will have much better weather next week, cause then I’m going to Greece! It will be so lovely, and a nice closure to the summer 2012.


So, it hasn’t been the big events that made my summer, but the small ones, that have kept happening all the time, every day. Often I have not been home till 2-3am, no matter if I have been on a movie night or a party. Same thing when people have been to my place. So there hasn’t been time for many other things, and unfortunately neither rblogging. But I have had so much fun, trust me.


So screw the past horrible year. Now my family and my friends are just pure awesome, and everything is getting better and better from here one :)