Nice birthday

This weekend it was my birthday, and it was a really great weekend.

Last weekend I was with my parents in Getinge and got celebrated with cake and presents.

This Saturday there were about 13 people here. We had a great party, watched Melodifestivalen, and then went out.


I got to sleep for long both Saturday and Sunday, and Friday night I was at home eating smörgåstårta and watched Armageddon.


A terrific weekend, that is!


Something that hasn’t been as terrific has been the start of the season for the New York Rangers. Shaky, but I think it will work out for the best. Rick Nash has started out nice, which is good.


Btw, Melodifestivalen, the Swedish entry selection for Eurovision Song Contest, has its first semifinal, and it wasn’t that good. One nice song by yohio, but in the other songs, there wasn’t much quality to find.


The work is okay. Nothing new about what happens after February, but soon I’ll know, hopefully. The last weeks I have been both on the Family section, been copy-editing, on the web, writing for the Halmstad section and I’ve been to the local office in Hylte. It’s nice that I’m good at multitasking :)