Nice work out, but no clothes pins

I have had two really good work outs today. The soccer was so much fun. It was incredibly foggy, so you could basically not see anything. Plus we weren’t so many either, but we still wanted to play two games with few players in each team instead of one game with many in each. So in our game we were four against four = run a lot. I ran and I ran and I ran the whole game, and had many duels with Hungarian Atilla and Swedish Sandra. I scored a lot. Was so exhausted after the game.


One guy brought a lot of cupcakes that we got after practice. It was very nice.


I’ve been to the gym after the soccer as usual, with Jocke and Andy. I had a great work out with a lot of sit-ups, leg press, weight lifts and other.


I’m proud of myself today =)


Earlier today I’ve been on the lookout for some clothes pins for a photo assignment. But we have none. The neighbor wasn’t home so I couldn’t ask him. Noone in the whole neighborhood seemed to have any. Didn’t want to buy at Ralphs, cause it seems unnecessary to buy a whole bag when I only need one. Started to text around to friends and Maria will bring one tomorrow. I have also bought a couple of rubber gloves for the same assignment.


Almost impossible to find