Hyltebruk and Stockholm

I have always said that I want to work and live in a major city, live where there always is high life, where there’s always a store open, and you can go anywhere with a subway or taxi.


Now I have been two weeks in Hyltebruk.


That is an hour away from Halmstad, east, straight out in the woods, with 3000 inhabitants.


The paper needed a stand-in there for two weeks, and I thought it could be interesting to try.


And it was. There were nice people, and I had good things to do. But I also had 1,5 hour commute, one-way, each day. I have discovered that I really don’t want to work in a small village in the middle of nowhere in the future. But at least I tried it, and that’s good I think.


I also worked in the weekend, which meant that I got the following Thursday and Friday off. I used that to go to Stockholm.


It was a heck load of fun, and I hanged out with people I know form America; Jocke, Ludwig and Sahar. We went out, went to stores, hanged with Jocke’s band and had a great time. Partied and talked about good memories from America.


Stockholm is definitely a place where I’d like to live. For a start. Then I’m going back to the U.S.


Nice Saruday evening with Jocke's band.