First school week done

It has been a good and strange first school week. Friends have been ill and other stuff have happened, but it has mostly been fun. And this semester will probably be nice. I have five classes:


Graphic Design

The same teacher as last semester. It will be more focus on InDesign. But it’s early in the morning so I will be tired a lot. I take the class with, among others, Elyse and Fernanda, who also took the Media Design class last semester.


Digital Imaging

Photoshop class. It is 35 people in the class and more than 20 of them are from Sweden. Think it can be useful.


Intermediate Soccer

So much fun! I haven’t played in a long time, but I immediately rediscovered how much fun it was. It was a good level of the game, but I noticed I hadn’t played in a long time. But when I get in to my rea game and work up my cardio in will be just amazing. To play soccer two nights a week will be both fun and good exercise. Janna and Elyse is also in the class.

The Channels Newspaper

I will write for the school newspaper. It will be nice. Already when we first got there the first time they had already decided the first issue and I got to write a CD review. I picked Ke$ha :P In the future I will write other stuff. I have said that I want to write about news and sport. Cecily is also in the class and Maria and Maria will take photos.



It is a beginners class but I think it can be useful anyway. I wanted to have a photo class this semester. The teacher is just amazing. Maria A took this class last semester and liked it a lot. Maria H and Matilda is also taking the class.


Yesterday it was party here and at LaBreeza. There were many games of Beer pong. Woke up late today. We went to Habit to eat and then off to the beach to play beach volleyball. First it was kinda tough but then we got it. Victoria won over another house for three games.


Don’t know yet what will happen this weekend. It is nice weather now. Around 80 the last days I think. So it will probably be more beach I guess and there was also talk about pick nick Sunday. The California is good now again.