Spring break starts now!

Our hotel!

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Now, goddammit! Spring break in Cancun!


It will be so awesome to get away now. There has been a lot to do in school. Lot of midterms and stuff. It will be so nice with constant heat, sun, bath and party. We are ten people going, but I know about many others that’s also going there/ is already there.


We leave at 02 am this night from Santa Barbara towards LAX. The plane leaves at 7 am and we’re in Cancun by 3 PM local time, after a stopover in Mexico City.


This week has been very wuick. Saturday was the party at Josh’s and I met a lo of new people I haven’t seen before. It was very nice.

Really sleepy Sunday after no sleep, but I had to get up really early to go to a cheer competition. It was in Long Beach again. They finished third.

Then a lot of midterms. Did very well in graphic design. 94% on the written part and 100% in the practical one. The Digital Imaging midterm I will do after the break.


Today I have bought a Hawaii shirt and done laundry, and now I will pack my bags. Have soccer tonight too.


Tonight I am to leave, and I will commence an experiment. I will not bring my computer. One week with no computer or Internet. Never been without it for that long. Kinda. I’ll see how that’ll go. Will maybe panic and search all around half of Mexico in search for somewhere to check my facebook.


No, it’s not that bad. But because of this I won’t be reacheable during this week. Will not update the blog, be online on msn/skype or post anything on facebook.


Because the only thing I will do is get a tan, swim, drink, party, eat, meet girls, go bananas and just have the time of my life. To quote Chandler in Friends: “Spring break, woohoo!”