Wonderful weekend in wonderful San Francisco

Where I spent my weekend =)

Spring Break has begun and I finally got to see San Francisco. What a city! Just amazingly nice, cool and so much to see.

I was there with my friend Gaby from The Channels as well as her friend Cecilia who is visiting form Sweden.

We went up there early Saturday and got up there in a good time. The ride only took 4,5 hours, but once there it took almost an hour to get parking. It was impossible. And if you would have found a spot: how do you park there?

I’ve heard that San Francisco is a city with many hills, but this hill-y!? Every street has about a 45 degree of inclination, so you gotta have a good parking break if you park. Thankfully our hostel, Amsterdam close to Union Square, had an agreement with a garage, so that turned out well.


The first afternoon we went to Fisherman’s Wharf. Restaurants, cafes, boats, sea lions, and a lot of other nice things by the harbor. We walked around, ate, and felt good. Then we went to see the crooked and steep Lombard Street and went by old tram home.


Lombard Street seen from above

In the evening we went out partying at Union Square, at the top of a hotel in a skyscraper with a magnificent view over the whole city. Awesome!


The weather the next day wasn’t that good, but we still went on to do our planned things despite rain and fog. But once there, we found out that all the tickets to Alcatraz was sold out, so we had to wait till the next day. Instead, we started to head for the Golden Gate Bridge by bus and foot.

That bridge is so majestic. So cool. We got all the way there, and then started to walk across it. Unfortunately the weather was so bad that we could only walk up till the first tower before we had to head back because of the rain and coldness.


Me at the bridge



The next day, Monday, the weather was so different. Sunny, warm and wonderful. A perfect day to take the boat to Alcatraz.

Once again, so cool! Historical and mighty. You walked around with some kind of Walkman and listened to a guided tour. By doing so, you could do anything in your own pace and stop if you wanted to take photos or see something different, without missing the tour. And photos, we took a lot of those. Both me, Gaby and Cecilia had our cameras with us all weekend and took soooo many pictures, probably a few thousands combined. It’s only a handful of those I posted on facebook, and that is still 200.




Also, Alcatraz has the best view of the city. You have a spectaculat view over downtown with all the skyscrapers, and also the Golden Gate. The prisoners at Alcatraz though, didn’t like this, I learned on the tour. To have freedom and normal life so close, but yet so far away, was painful to watch for the prisoners.


View from Alcatraz


After eating ashore, we made a new attempt to go to the Golden Gate, since the weather was so nice now. We drove over there and got magnificent views with amazing photos.  First at the same place we went to the day before, and then I wanted to drive over the bridge, so I did. Wow, I have driven over the Golden Gate Bridge!!!

We went to the viewpoint on the other side of the strait, and there we got the best pictures of them all. It was a perfect ending to a incredible weekend.


Just pure amazing view

Cecilia, Gaby and me posing for a last photo of this incredible vacation.


As you can see, I only use superlatives to describe everything. It is because I already love this city. It will be so fun to come back here with my parents in a few weeks, but that won’t be the last time. I will return here soon again. The city has everything you want, big city atmosphere but still cozy smalltowness, nice areas, cool clubs, beaches, historical sites… and a lot of hills.


Now I’m at home, and Gaby and Cecilia is hiking in Yosemite National Park. I will chill at home for a few days. The weather is so nice now. Finally, after weeks of rain and wind and cold. Now it’s warm, and even in the night you can wear just tshirt and shorts.


Over the weekend I’m going to Vegas! Me and Cecily will go there and meet Gaby and Cecilia up. Together we will stay at the Hard Rock Café and make trouble in Sin City!