But… Scar doesn’t drive a van…

I’ve had such an awesome weekend!


Friday me, Andreas, Linda and Henric went to Galtabäck and Linda’s cottage for a little mini-vacation. We cooked, watched tv and played games.


The game was Galenpanna (“crazy forehead”). You have to cards in your forehead with one person and one place, and with the help of questions it’s your job to guess what you have on the cards. Many funny situations to come. The funniest was when Andreas had Scooby Doo. He knew it had something to do with a van, and that it started with SC. All by a sudden, during someone else’s turn he says “But… Scar doesn’t drive a van…” So hilarious, and we laughed at that for so long.

Another nice descrption was about Babar being a colorless, granny-loving Frenchmen.


We were there till Saturday when we went back to Halmstad to attend a party at Kamilla’s. Also fun.


Sunday we spent at Henric’s and cooked and watched Pan’s Labyrinth.


Such a great weekend. It’s so nice that I have that great friends.


And it snowed.


This week I run the website for the paper. Since I work nighttime, I’m all alone and that’s a little bit nervous to be all in charge. But it went pretty well I think.