Now it’s weekend. Halloween weekend!

Time for Halloween. I’m stoked. Everybody talks about it all the time, even the teachers.

I will probably party tonight and Saturday. Tomorrow Friday I’m going with Lauren, Cecily and Vaios to Six Flags! It’s gonna be so much fun.

Ah, whattaheck, I will probably party when I get home from there tomorrow night, plus Sunday when the real Halloween is.

I’ll come back to you after the weekend. Then you will see photos from the weekend. Then, Tuesday, it’s the elections, so a lot about that too.

My endorsements in the two elections that is talked the most about:

Governor: Jerry Brown (D)

Prop 19: (legalizing marijuana) yes

It will be very interesting to see the outcome of those two elections. Plus the others as well. Since I have been working so close with the Board of Trustees election I will not say who I’m supporting there since it can hurt my reputation.


Take care, and see you after the weekend!