I’m homesick

For a few days I have been working in Varberg in northern Halland. It’s interesting with a change of scenery, but it’s hard to get there. Luckily it’s just for three days.

* * *


I’m feeling homesick. Home to Santa Barbara.


It’s not just a feeling that you can have after a vacation, like “oh, it was so nice there, I’d love to go back some day”.


It’s way worse. I’m so insanely homesick. I want to be there. Not here.


I lived the perfect life. I did what I liked, it was a wonderful town, the area, awesome weather, amazing friends, everything was great and I was living the dream.


I have wonderful friends here too, but right now it’s just tough. Everyday I see friends writing on facebook about how they are going back to Santa Barbara. I’m really happy for them, but mostly jealous.


There isa new feature on Facebook where you can see what you wrote as a status update this very day X years ago. Today I saw this (some of it translated from Swedish):


On This Day In 2009


Johan Hammerby

veridis quo with daft punk is the best song I've heard in like forever!!!!!!
August 17, 2009 at 12:42pm · Like ·

Jocke Filip Olsson Schafer likes this.


Jocke Filip Olsson Schafer: i like!!!
August 17, 2009 at 12:43pm · Like

Sebastian Hutter: it's only been around for 8 years... :) but it's better to be late that not coming at all ;)
August 17, 2009 at 3:41pm · Like



The time is set on Swedish time zone, so it was actually written at 3:42 a.m. I remember it. We were having a ginormous party in our house at Wentworth Ave., which we used to back then. It was the week before school started. Many people had went home or passed out. I was still up with Jocke and a few others, and we were half superdrunk, half passed out. Jocke started the song Veridis Quo on the big-ass tv. I thought it was so wonderful.

I have many times written about how sucky Wentworth was. It was a horrible place. But right now I long back to that night. It was just in the beginning of my American adventure, the beginning of a new life. The beginning of the two best years of my life.