I'm in LA now

I didn't write another post before I left, as I said I might, but I'm not at my final destination yet, so here comes one now, about my trip.

Everything has went well so far. The train to the first airport was not a direct-train as planned, cause of construction work. So I took a train from Halmstad ti Laholm (a 10 minutes ride), then replacement bus from Laholm to Ängeholm, and then train from Ängelholm.

I spent a few hours at Copenhagen airport, since I got there at 1am, and the lpane left at 7. So I watched the entire first season of The Walking Dead on DVD, and I have also watched most of season 4 of Jersey Shore during this trip so far.

The a flight from Copenhagen to London, then London - Los Angeles. I'min LA now, waiting for my flight for Sacramento. But I'm fine with waiting, because I'm in California again, so everything is fine :)