Hollywood with the parents.

The Sign!!!

It has been three very nice days with mum and dad in LA and Hollywood. We were planning on living downtown, but find a good hotel in Hollywood and that was nice. Monday we took the train there, and it was first time here at the west coast.  It went fast and then we took the subway to our hotel. The first night we spend just wandering the neighborhood (Sunset Boulevard…) and ate out and then just chilled at the hotel.


Next day after the hotel breakfast we went to Hollywood Blvd were we were to catch a sightseeing bus. We went around in it for a couple of hours looking at attractions, sights, a lot of celebrity homes in Beverly Hills (like Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Playboy Mansion and a lot more) and also Rodeo Drive and Melrose Avenue. Unfortunately it didn’t stop close to the Hollywood sign, but otherwise it was very good.


Michael Jacksons last home. In hte bedrom at the top he died.

Back in Hollywood we ate at CPK with a view over the Hollywood sign and then we went to Madame Taussauds. I was there in December, but it was nice anyway and we had fun.


Lunch at CPK with the sign in the background


Hammerby family and President Obama.

Yesterday we went back to Hollywood Blvd and went to three museums. Ripley’s Blieve it or Not, Guinness Museum of World Records and Hollywood Wax Museum.The first one was very interesting and fun, the second one was kinda bad and the last one was one big joke. But it was nice anyway. Then in the afternoon we wandered around the area of our hotel and saw Los Angeles City College and the big Church of Scientology. Cool, but a bit scary.


Now I’m on the train home to have my last week in Santa Barbara before the summer.