Nice day at work

Today I’ve had a lot to do at work, but it still has been very nice. It’s of course because I’m going abroad tomorrow!


Today at work our owner’s CEO visited our paper, as well as Elin and Theodor. The second visit was better.

I’ve also taught my apprentice all the things I know about my job as an editor.


Tomorrow I will be travelling, but I hasn’t really had time to think about it.

The last couple of days I’ve been so busy.

A really funny, travelling-themed party Saturday. Very great night at Anna and Linus’s. I was a pilot.


 Sunday I went to Grandma, to celebrate her birthday.


Monday. Went to Gothenburg to see Eddie Izzard with Daniel.  I saw Izzard 2009, but this was even better. Two amazing hour filled with absurd humor about everything and nothing.



Wednesday I saw a Halmstad soccer game. Another tie, but really boring game.


And I’ve done the laundry.


And then tonight I’ve packed the bags. Because tomorrow I’m going to America!!


Me, Andreas and Henric are going to the West Coast of the US for a couple of weeks. Go around to different places, meet friends, eat lots of good food, and just have a great time.


And it’s my first paid vacation. That alone is strange.