Between the holidays

Christmas is over and all the preparations, and it has all been very nice. A lot of work, and stress, up until Christmas, but I had time to do a whole lot.


We went to our relatives in Småland, exchanged gifts and ate a lot.

I also had time to go to Gothenburg with my friends. Walked around in the city, and then went to the theme park Liseberg, and the Christmas fair. 


You got in to the spirit, but most important: I won the high price!

We played at many lotteries and wheels, and also played games. We won a lot of small prices at the games. But right before we were to go home, we decided to play one last thing, the chocolate wheel. As usual I played number 2, at it hit number two AND the star. The girl behind the counter handed out over a regular (big ass) plain chocolate, but Andreas said “take the one with nuts”, and she replied, “you might have both”.





I also went to a Christmas concert in the big church in Halmstad. Opera singer Rickard Söderberg gained fame this fall in a Swedish TV show, and along with his choir and Sweden’s most famous singer Carola, they performed an unforgettable evening with Christmas songs and spirit. Amazing!



The Christmas went well, celebrated with my parents in Getinge.




Next time I write, it will be my annual year-in-review. That’ll come in the first days of January, so for now I wish you all a happy new year!