Boring now, but fun yesterday

I'm at work now. I'm handeling the pages about the town Hylte, and the domestic pages about Sweden. Hylte is already done, and I have sent it away. The Sweden pages are done too, but I have to wait if something's happening. I'm following the flow from the news agency TT. Last thing came at 9:05pm, and now it's 10:47. But I still have to wait for a couple of hours more. It's boring.

But yesterday it was more fun. I went on a treasure hunt! !Together with new and old friends from the local youth leauge of the Moderate Party we walekd around in Halsmtad trying to find the stuff on our list. We were to find differnet things, like a brick, water from the fountain on the square, a soccer ball, a red flower and a lot of other stuff. One of the things was a fried egg. We didn't bring a real fried egg, but a piece of candy called "fried egg". The same creativity we used to find "a strawberry hat". I got a strawberry and then I wore it as a hat the entire evening. A well as eye shadow...

But our team lost.

Afterwards we grilled at the dock. Very nice.

Tomorrow it's Midsummer, the biggest holiday in Sweden. I will go to Öland to meet the relatives.See ya. and

Happy midsummer everybody!