Christmas feeling and finals

The last real school week for this semester is now over. There has been much to do, and a lot of studying. Next week I have two finals, both on Monday, in Communication and English.  For English I also have a book report on Into The Wild. Also, two photo portfolios, but I have already printed the photos and uploaded the digital versions, so all I have to do is to hand them in to the teacher. That’s all I have left to do school wise. Btw, here is my last article this semester.


There is so much Christmas spirit here now. Yes, it is perfectly possible to have Christmas spirit among palm trees and beaches. State Street has a lot of lights and decorations, and every day you see more and more houses putting up decorations in their gardens. The shops have Christmas songs playing, and selling different Christmassy things and Starbucks has their Christmas flavors with Gingerbread and peppermint.


Christmas on State Street


Yesterday there was a Swedish Christmas party. A lot of Swedes are going home for good, so therefore Therese, Therese and Sandra arranged a big party, with loads of food bought at IKEA. Meat balls, “prince wieners”, Christmas ham, crisp bread with caviar, pickled herring, gingerbread house, chocolate and a lot of other delicious stuff. But no schnapps, so I had to drink gin. Then we had dinner, games and drinks. A very nice evening, but it’s sad that some of the people, I might not see ever again.



Christmas food!


Sandra, Oscar and Erika are fighting for the last chairs in a game of Musical Chairs


Gingerbread house



Tomorrow is the next Christmas thing, dinner and handing out presents with Cecily and Lauren. Good news is that Cecily’s knee is getting better, and she might not need the surgery until summer. That means that she probably can go to Sweden over New Years!


Tuesday morning I’m leaving Santa Barbara and heads to Brazil. I will have one more blog entry before that, giving the last info about stuff.