Stressful last day

Wow, I’ve had so much to do this weekend. But I managed to get most of it done. And in a few hours I'm leaving.


Three days of Christmas celebration. I wrote about the party Friday. Saturday the school’s International Student Office arranged for every international student to come and eat Christmas food in a nicely decorated cafeteria.

Yesterday Sunday, we did just like the last year, and had a Christmas party at Cecily’s place. Food, candy, cookies, Christmas movie and presents, and we had so much fun and it was really nice.



Dancing gingerbread man with suspiscious singing marshmallows. Yep, it is.

Christmas spirit with my new presents, the shirt and the watch =)



Today was my last day in school and I had two finals within a couple of hours. First communication, which was kinda tricky, but that was what everybody said, so that is nice. So I think it went well.

After that I had my English final, and that went really well. It felt like I knew it all, and I had good things to write, so hopefully I will get an A on that. But I think I will get a B in both those classes. But that is all right, considering how much studying it has been for those two. I now have left to do my final in the photography class, but that is online, so I will probably do it either on the bus towards LAX or at the airport in Miami. Doing a final in Miami. Doesn’t sound all too bad =)


I have went around so much today, doing all kinds of errands. Bought stuff for Christoffer and Lidia, cleaned, did laundry, printed stuff at school, turned in my photos, called the stupid electricity company, and ordered tickets to Sweden. It’s now set that I leave from LAX as soon as I get there from Brazil Ded. 16. I will land in Gothenburg the 17th, at 6.10 PM. Then I will go back to Santa Barbara Jan. 12.

Within almost a month I will do two trips, but with all the stopovers, it comes up to a total of 10 flights. To use tabloid language: here is the whole list:


  • 7 december, Los Angeles – Miami
  • 7-8 december, Miami – Rio
  • 8 december, Rio – Fortaleza
  • 15 december, Fortaleza – Sao Paulo
  • 15-16 december, Sao Paulo – New York
  • 16 december, New York – Los Angeles
  • 16-17 december, Los Angeles – London
  • 17 december, London – Göteborg
  • 12 januari, Göteborg – London
  • 12 januari, London – Los Angeles


The most important thing for you in Sweden to know is that I will arrive at Landvetter 12/17 6.10pm. Otherwise there is not that much more now. I don’t know if I will blog while I’m in Brazil. Will take tons of pictures that I will upload later. Don’t know if I will be online on Facebook either. From when I leave Miami I will turn off my American phone and switch to the Swedish one, so if there is an emergency, please use that number.


So, we’ll either hear soon, or in a couple of weeks. We’ll find out. Anyhow, have a good time everybody. Sweden: it’s gonna be real fun to come home and visiting, and Santa Barbara: I already miss you and the people here, despite that I haven’t left yet.