Loads of fun things! READ!!!

Ok, a brief summary:
  • I will be editor next semester!
  • I will probably get an internship for spring!
  • I'll go and celebrate Thanksgiving now!

Now this afternoon our journalism teachers sent out proposals on who should be the new editors of the school newspaper next year. I am one of them! Due to the fact that many want to have the psots, a few items scattered and few have been added. My item is brand new. It is Managing / Online editor. It will mean that I will have responsibility for everything that is on the onlinenewspaper , I will keep track of all the newspaper staff and see that they do their job, and I will also join in and help the news editor of his work with hard and hot news.
Feels great that I got this confidence. I'm very proud, and excited about spring.

Today I was also on the interview for an internship in the spring. It was with an organization called SCORE, which is a kind of consulting firm for small businesses. They are former CEOs and corporate executives who now has retired, so completely free, they offer small business advice and help with everything. They contacted our journalism teacher and said they needed a journalist intern who can write in their newsletter, make reports about their activities and those they have helped, write profiles and more. I contacted them and today I had an interview with one of the leaders, and it went great. We had a good long chat and I got the newspaper articles I've written this fall. He was very impressed with everything and seemed to like me. He will now take this up with the board, but on him did not appear that there would be no problem for me to start with them in January. Oh, what fun it will be with work experience in the USA!

Tomorrow, Thursday, it's Thanksgiving. It is obvious today. Almost no people in class or at school, but it is completely clogged highway and it goes at 0 mph. Therefore we will wait to leave.
Me, Cecily and Vaios are going home to Cecily's mother in Paso Robles, about 2 hours north. As this is my first Thanksgiving, she promised me that we will do all the traditional things and eat everything you should. I'm so happy! It will be really fun. Nice to see where Cecily lived before with (she did not grow up there, but in New York and Alaska). So we will be gone all weekend.

I will be able to enjoy the whole weekend. I'm done with all my stuff I had on the list in the last post. Completely without thinking about anything school work, I can just enjoy the leave.

Finally, I can now show that we also have the Christmas spirit here in Santa Barbara, although we do not have the snowstorms that seem to be in Scandinavia. So here's a Christmassy picture before I head off and celebrate another holiday. Have a good one everybody will speak with you next week!

Ginger snaps, glögg and Chrismtas soda. I love World Market Store on State Street