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Also this free Friday I spend in the Channels lab. I am to help one of the reporters with her story, then I can have a weekend too.
Well, the weekend kinda started yesterday when I went to the Sexy Party in Isla Vista. It's been a while since I partied out there. During the day me and Cecily went downtown to find some sexy outfits to wear, and I think we succeded pretty well.
Today it will be daytime-drinking at La Brezza and tomorrow there's a basketball game where Lauren has a cheer performance, and then Channels party at Joel's.

I have forgot to link my articles, so here they are, all four of htem:

My story about Sarah Palin and Dick Cheneys visit in Santa Barbara that was followed by protests:

My story on the fact that City College is going to change email provider, and that every student will get Gmail

My two-part story from last week's Student Senate meeting. The first one is about the meeting it self, and the second one is about the most discussed topic, that faculty could take parking spots from the students' carrpool parking.

Tonight Peter Forsberg is playing his first game in Colorado this time. It's gonna be fun to see how well he will be doing. Tonight is also a game for the Rangers against Atlanta. It's time to start winning again after five losses in a row.