Stupid T-Mobile! But thanks Foppa.

Why does T-Mobile have to be difficult!? Now my automatic payment hasnät come through, so after class I have to go down to the store and pay it myself. But the most sucky part is that here in America, it’s not only me who cannot send texts or call. People can’t send to me either! So for a couple of hours now, I’m unreachable. Pain in the butt.


The weekend was nice though. Nice day drinking at La Brezza Friday and a fun Channels party Saturday night.

Yesterday was Valentines Day, and I spent most of it in school. Went out to eat with Cecily in the evening.

Now it’s time for The Channels. Tomorrow afternoon our online issue will come out.


I was very surprised yesterday when ice hockey player Peter “Foppa” Forsberg announced his retirement. I had faith in his comeback, but apparently his injuries were too bad.

Forsberg is one of Sweden’s best athletes ever, and here is my Top 5 of Swedish hockey players.


  1. Nicklas Lidström
  2. Peter Forsberg
  3. Börje Salming
  4. Mats Sundin
  5. Tough, maybe Loob/Kenta/Honken/Lundqvist/Zetterberg


I don’t think Forsberg ever played a whole season without being injured. If he would, he could have become the best one ever. He was so all round. Both Gretzky, Howe and Lemieux lacked Forsberg’s tough style. Gretzky always had a couple of body guards on the ice, while Forsberg was the one who made the hits himself. He also never gave up. A good example is Sweden’s miraculously comeback in the World Championship in 2003 versus Finland (in Finland!) where Sweden recoverd from 1-5 and won by 6-5.


I finish off with this image, from the Olympic Games 1994 and Peter Forsberg’s goal in the shootout. Thank you for a wonderful career Forsberg!