Back in the heat

Apparently I forgot to write one more post before I left. So here it comes instead.

The last days in Sweden I was so busy with a nice birthday party for Tina in Alingsås and then finally meet Elin, Anna and Daniel in Gothenburg. Then a lot of packing in Getinge before it was time to leave.


The trip went really well. No problem on the trip Gothenburg – London – Los Angeles – Santa Barbara (last leg by bus). Everything was on time, and I slept the times I had planned. On the LA flight I saw two good movies. Toy Story 3 and The Social Network, about the founding of Facebook. Both movies I recommend strongly.

Lauren came and picked me up at the hotel where the bus stopped, but that night all I could do was to go home and go to bed. Instead I met up with Lauren Thursday morning and we had brunch and talked for a long time. I also had time to do a lot of things that day. Fixed my phone, went to the bank, got a haircut, went grocery shopping like crazy and had this year’s first jog at the beach. It was really nice, but also very hard, so I could really see that I haven’t worked out at all during the break. So now I have to work out somehow every day until school starts. Afterwards I watched the game NY Rangers – Vancouver, where Rangers won a great victory with 1-0 against the league leaders.

In the evening I had dinner with Anna, and tonight we are probably going out with some other people. Today I had a long walk and soon I’m going out to run again.


The weather here is amazing. Yes, I’m sorry, people in Scandinavia, but I have to say it. It is shining sun, in the 70s and just wonderful. It already feels like the weather this spring will be better than last year.


Now it’s all vacation until Wednesday when school starts. Or, actually it starts the 24th, but Wednesday is our first meeting with the ed-board for the school newspaper.

And btw, I talked to my internship today. It’s now set; I will be there this spring. All that’s left to do is now to provide some paper works from school before I start there.


I promise to try to blog more than during the break, and I will provide more photos too.