Wonderful days – epic nights

What can I say? I’m having the time of my life. To come early before school starts was a very good decision. The weather is so lovely so during the day you can be out in the sun and just walk around and feel good. And also go lay down at the beach trying to get some sort of tan. I have also got a good start of the running too. I have my old track along the beach, about 5,5 miles. But I have to start going to the gym soon. But so far I’m keeping my New Year’s resolution of having some sort of work out at least five times a week.

We have also had our first edboard meeting with The Channels. It’s gonna be a nice semester I think. I will basically have three tasks:

  • Assistant News Editor. Help Kyle as much as I can and cover some areas, like the Academic Senate again.
  • Online Editor. Be in charge of the web edition.
  • Managing editor. Make sure that everything is done properly and also do the “budget”. It is the list of articles, photos and everything that is to be done for each issue, as well as information about length, contacts, who does what and so on. It is basically just copying and pasting from what the editors have done on the Wednesday. It’s not hard, just a bit time consuming.

Monday is the school start. It’s gonna be sweet.


A couple of nights this week has been epic party nights at my place. Lauren’s boyfriend Kyle has been here visiting, so Monday we thought about going out. Us, plus Paige, started prepartying at my place, since I’m the only one that is here right now. But we never went out; we just had a long funny preparty.

Now has Cecily arrived here too, so yesterday we thought about going out again. Preparty at my place. But we soon decided that we weren’t going out that night either, cause we had so much fun at home that we wanted to continue all night. And so we did. We had so much fun, and it’s so nice to hang out with my lovely friends again.


Patrick Seastar was also here, here surrounded by his girls Paige, Cecily and Lauren.


I’m feeling so good right now. The life couldn’t be better. Great town, lovely weather, fun days and just totally amazing friends. I love life so much right now.