In Sweden

For about a week now, I have been in Sweden. I miss Santa Barbara, but I have come to realize that this is how it is, and I guess that’s okay in some way. There is no reason to be grumpy, I’ll just make the best of it.


I have started to work as a journalist at the newspaper Hallandsposten. It’s actually very fun to work a reporter. I have done a lot of different things already, like talking to politicians, write about cucumbers, a school, and the most fun was yesterday, Friday, when I covered the high school graduations. We focused on Sturegymnasiet, my old high school, so that was very fun to go back there.


It’s one big difference between working and being in school. No homework! That is just so sweet. When you’re done for the day, you’re really done. Nothing to worry about when you get home. Unexpectedly nice.


Now I’m on a bus going north, towards the town Uddevalla. I’m gonna visit Christoffer and Lidia, the ones who got married in December. That’ll be nice. I’m also gonna see the others who attended the wedding, Andreas and Kristian, as well as Ola.