Amazing and wonderful birthday weekend for Cecily

I love my wonderful friends. We have so much fun together, and this weekend was one of the best ones ever.

Friday, me, Gaby and Paige surprised Cecily in school by coming in during production by singing and giving her a cake that me and Gaby baked the night before. Cecily got really surprised and she got so happy. Cody also had birthday, so he was also celebrated. And the cake tasted really good also btw.


The cake


While she continued her school us other went home to pack. Around 5.30pm we got on the road. We went in two cars, me Ola, Lauren, Paige, Cecily and Vaios. In Anaheim Cecily’s old friend from back home (Shanna that I met several times) met up with us.


We had heard that the weather should suck, and it did. Such heavy rain all day, the way there and during the night. But who cares, it was Cecily’s birthday and we had so much fun at the suite we all stayed in. We partied, celebrated Cec and ordered room-service food.


Me, Paige and Lauren.


Cecily is opening Laurens present.


Shanna, Cecily, Lauren and Paige.


The hotel also had a 24-hours open pool and Jacuzzi so we spent a lot of time there too in the middle of the night and the middle of the heavy rain. So much fun and wet in the air, and warm in the pools.


We got worried for how the weather should be the day after. What would happen to our planned visit to Disneyland, how will that go?


It went perfectly!


When we woke up the sun was shining and it was warm. We went to Disneyland (except Lauren who had to go away for her competition weekend) and once at Disneyland we found out something great: There were almost no people there!


A lot reminded of Eurodisney in Paris.


The Castle was smaller, though


Newly bought hats!



A lot of people had probably decided not to go there since the weather was supposed to be so bad. So we never had to wait in line basically.


In the night we came back to the hotel, and there another old friend of Cecily’s joined us. Emily who I met this fall, and her boyfriend Hunter joined in our parties, baths and fun. This night we all ate at the hotel restaurant though.



Dinner at the hotel. Me, Shanna, Paige, Emily, Cecily, Vaios, Ola and Hunter


The girls partying in our room



The day after many had to leave early since they had a long drive home. Also, Lauren’s competition had been delayed a lot, so they went home. I went to the competition though, and stayed with the team for the rest of the night. They finished second, and lost by only 0.18 points.


But this has been such an amazing weekend, and I’m so happy!  And btw, a lot more pictures are available on Facebook.