Where did this week go?

This week has just passed by so fast. Where did it go? I’ve had so much to do, so maybe that’s why.


The paper is going well, and so does the internship. Had one interview this week, and doing another one later today.


Yesterday we went to play bowling, which was fun. Today we probabably will play basketball and tomorrow the guys in number four will go down to IKEA in Burbank to buy a lot of unnecessary stuff. Most of all food. Oh, Swedish food! Marabou chocolate, Kalles Kaviar, meatballs and a lot of other really nice things.


As you can see, I’m out travelling a lot. Cheer competitions, Anaheim, Burbank, and next week me, Cecily and Paige will accompany Lauren and come with her up to Norcal and the place she grew up. It will be so fun and really American with horseback riding in the countryside, bbq at a ranch and much more. I’m really excited.


Speaking of American, I have no got my Social Security number! Now I’m a part of the American system, and it will make it much easier when I want to get a job, take a loan, start my credit, get a green card if that will be an option in the future. But for now it’s only for me to get paid from the paper, which I will be for the first time next