News, sports and weather

Some updates of what have happened recently, in the form of a news broadcast.



We have made our last paper. It came out last week and it was the Commencement Issue. It turned out really great, and was really good both layout and content-wise. So I think it was a worthy last issue for our time at The Channels.

I haven’t either updated you about the articles I have written, and it’s quite many articles. So if you for some reason want to read my articles, here they are:


A little of this, a little of that, like, a column about my time in the army, the school’s budget cuts and much more.


And now some comments about “real” news.


It’s both nice and a bit sad that Donald Trump won’t run for President. He is a clown, but sometimes a clown is needed to lighten up things. But he wouldn’t have a shot against Obama, who just keeps growing with the task. He was also just amazingly funny during the White House Correspondent dinner.


Bin Laded is dead. Yes, I believe in that. Especially since no one seems to claim the opposite. There will always be conspiracies, but just let it go. He is dead.



I have had my last games of soccer (forever?) and that is sad, but I have had so much fun playing these years.


NHL ended way to early for the Rangers. Sad, I had good faith in them. Now I hope for the Sharks.


It’s really sad when people die young. Derek Boogaard was just as hard-hitting and rough player on the ice as he was a kind-hearted guy off ice. I like him, and in fact, already in 2004 I traded him to the Rangers in the game NHL 2004. Now he got one real season in the Rangers before he died. If his death has something to do with his many concussions, there must be a properly debate about today’s game.


Derek Boogaard, 1982 - 2011



What the heck is the matter with the weather? It varies from day to day, and it has now been cold for a couple of days. It sucks; I had planned to lay at the beach for the last weeks to get some tan. But it’s good in one way, cause now we have time to be indoors and do the last studying, but still.

It’s now the last week of school and then, that’s it. I will come back to you how that feels, but I can give you a hint, and that is that it feels so shitty to have to leave all this.