Movie weekend

By the end of last week I had four days off from work, and that a luxury I haven’t had in a very long time. I spent it by doing nothing. Well, I did a few things, and mainly watched movies.


Friday was Friday the 13th , me and Andreas decided to watch horror movies. Since it was so bright in the day, we decided to watch the more humoristic movies first, and then go on to the more serious ones once it got darker. We saw a total of five movies the first day, and three on Saturday. Saturday we also went to see a soccer game, Halmstad’s first home game this season, and they won against Degergors.


Here is a summary of the movies we watched, in order of when we watched them.

Bad taste

One of Peter Jackson’s first movies. Splatter, aliens, zombies, blood, brains, weapons. Everything is so poorely done that it’s good, and that’s the point. A classic!

Grade: 3 boxes of ground human beef, out of 5



Stan Helsing

Parody of different horror movies, kind of like the Scary Movie-movies, but better. Decent story and characters, and of course kinda silly.

Grade: 3 sexy clothes changes, out of 5



Alien vs Predator

A mixture of the two monsters, in snow. Never really cool, still a decent movie, but not more.

Grade: 2 mini-mouths, out of 5




We saw this one in the theaters. It was premier weekend for this movie based on the board game Batlle Ship (!), featuring Rihanna and Alexander Skarsgård. The movie kept a fine line between very good and totally silly, but always stayed on the right side. A nice action movie, oh yes, but not as good in total. Still good.

Grade: 3 marine veterans, out of 5



The hills have eyes

This movie is on the list of “most disturbing horror movies”. And it was. It so sick, uncomfortable and… disturbing. It’s sick and perverted (and not in a good way).

Grade: 4 unfortunate flat tires, out of five



The Hangover Part 2

(Saturday we could watch other movies than horror movies). The first movie was really good, but this one is not. It’s exactly like the first one, but more brutal, and in Thailand. In the first one, everything was nicely linked together, but that’s not the case here. Still pretty entertaining.

Grade: 2 Mike Tyson tattoos, out of 5


Cowboys and Aliens

Two genres that doesn’t go along. And they didn’t. An okay western-story, but the alien parts don’t work. It get plus points for the good actors, who are trying to make the best of it.

Grade: 2 futuristic bracelets, out of 5




(Japaneese The Grudge)

I have seen the American verison, and that is pretty scary. This one is not. I’ve also seen the Japaneese The Ring-movies, and I can now say that Japaneese horror doesn’t work in the West. It’s not scary! And this movie is sooo repetitive, and you get bored.

Grade: 1 kid that can sound like a cat, out of 5


I will probably have time for one more blog post before I leave for America. Oh, it’s so soon! Sweet!