Awesome weekend!

This has been a truly amazing weekend. I’ve been busy all the time. It was my first four-day weekend in a long time, which was really sweet.


Thursday we were a gang who went to the pub Fox % Anchor and ate and played the quiz. It went well, and we ended up in second place.


Friday I had an unsuspected visit from America. Gerodie from The Channels wrote on Facebook last week asking if there were someone she knew in Halmstad. Very random for an American, kinda. But she was on a trip in Europe, so Friday she stayed by here and we had dinner and sat and talked and drank wine.


Saturday was Caroline’s day. She came down from Gothenburg and we celebrated her birthday with drinks, an amazing dinner at Gaston’s and a long and fun party with dancing at Mårtensons. Everything in fancy clothing, and a snowfall.

Me and Andreas, very fance


Me in my coat and dad's hat



Sunday we made fish casserole and watched the new TV show, the Swedish version of The Office. It was very similar in style, so very funny, and very uneasy to watch.



Last time I wrote about Super Bowl. It went the right way, with the Giants winning after a weird touchdown.

It’s also going very well for the Rangers. They are in the lead in Eastern Conference by seven points. It looks like it’s gonna be a great season. I have never seen them play as good as now, and Henrik Lundqvist has never been better.


It's going well now :)